Arangetram Dedicated to Ekal

September 20, 2014 - Canada

On September 20, 2014 Kum Srushti Thaker performed her Bharatanatyam Arangetram (Solo recital of Indian classical dance graduation) in Windsor, Canada.

Srushti, the student of Nupur Jhankar dance school since 2005 received rigorous training under the tutelage of Guru Nrithya Kala Siromani Smt. Aruna Koushik. Her breathtaking performances on “Navarasa Ramayan”, the story of Krishna and Radha in “Jhulatha Radha” and “Dheera Samere’ was feast for the eyes to the audience. Srushti continues to be the student of Nupur Jhankar to refine the intricacies in footwork with rhythm, expressions with eye movements and progress further in the beautiful ancient art form of India.

During her last performance Srushti’s ghungharus fell apart, with ghungharus scattered all over the stage she continued her vigorous performance, while stunned spectators prayed with teary eyes that scattered ghungharus may not injure her feet…spectators knew it is live, it is real and the injury could be real too! Amazing performance was worth witnessing, likes of which you may have viewed in movies—but it was live! Ecstatic audience greeted it with standing ovation, people hugging each other—anybody nearby…

Srushti’s dedication to her dance is tremendous, her passion to help educate the underprivileged is no less…inspired by the Ekal’s philosophy and mission, Srushti decided to dedicate her Arangetram to fundraise for Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Canada Windsor chapter. All invitees were requested to donate to Ekal in lieu of gifts. This event created awareness about Ekal movement among 200 guests and all monetary gifts were donated to Ekal. Srushti’s parents matched the fund raised which will support 8 schools of Ekal. While Ekal Windsor team honors the youth leader Srushti Thaker, Ekal Vidyalaya foundation of Canada congratulates Srushti and her parents for their dedication to EVFC. Bravo Ekal Windsor Canada Team!
Below you can find the letter sent by Shrusti to everyone that was invited to the Arangetram.

United in a noble cause…
I, Srushti Thaker, take this opportunity to thank you for gracing my Arangetram with your presence and supporting me in fundraising for Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Canada.
Affectionately wrapped with your blessings, in some envelopes I found some cash and cheques. I lovingly have preserved your blessings in my heart, which I cherish deeply, but deposited your contributions in Ekal Canada account.
I wish to inform you, putting together all your donations, we qualified to adopt 4-Ekal-Schools for one year; which means you contributed to empower 4-villages. This was a great feeling; better than I can put in words. My parents matched the total donations received that day making it feasible to sponsor 8 EKAL schools.
With this Thank you note, I wish to share this feeling of blessedness that your heart must relish as well, since you and I are now partners in empowering 8-Ekal-Schools (Eight Villages). You, my well-wishers, promote an ambiance, “Together we make a difference,” and I hope to keep this spirit alive. We are united in a noble cause and l thank you for holding my hand in this cause.
Friends and family, in the coming days, months and years, I aspire to adopt my own school/schools; and you might seek to sponsor your own, but joining hands for a noble cause has its special impact, it nurtures my heart. May it replenish your bountiful spirit as well!
My salutations to the spirit in you!
Srushti Thaker

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