Event Success Update

April 22, 2016 - Canada

Update on the success of two great events we had this week!

Friday April 22, 2016:

Chanchalani Global Indian Award to Dr. Subhash Chandra, Chair Essel Group of companies and Zee Media, as also Global Chair Ekal Vidyalaya Movement, by Canada India Foundation (CIF).

The event was held at International conference centre in Toronto. About 450 people attended the ceremony. ‘This award is presented to a recipient who has demonstrated global leadership, vision and professional excellence, which has made all people of Indian origin extremely proud of the India heritage.’ People like Ratan Tata have received this award in the past.

CIF is a not-for- profit organization established in 2007, with main objective to promote relations between Canada and India through active intervention. CIF’s slogan is “Democracies working together”. Ekal was invited to the event by CIF. We want to thank ZEE Media, CIF Chair Shri Ajit Someshwar and Secretary Shri Pankaj Dave for the invitation.

It was a great moment in history for us to watch Dr. Chandra receive this award amid representatives of Indian and Canadian Governments, and leaders in trade and industry of Indian Origin. Many Indian professionals were present there. Dr. Chandra was also given a monetary award of $50,000

A friend of Dr. Chandra and a prominent member of Indian Community in Toronto pledged donation of $500,000, over 5 years, $100,000 each per year, to Ekal Vidyalaya. Many thanks to the anonymous donor. It will support education of about 7,000 poor children for five years.

It was a pleasure to see many familiar faces there, notably to me Dr. Doobay; Shri. Abhim Asdhir, CEO Excel Funds; Dr. Gagan Bhalla; Dr. Azad Kaushik; Shri Pankaj Dave; Dr. Lakshmanan, Shri Naresh Chavda, Hon MP Deepak Obhrai; Hon. Dipika Damerla, Virginia and Bill Hamilton from Vipassana group. For the good of Ekal movement, we formed some new associations, notably with Shri Tarun Basil, Chair eSiom Technologies Inc; Shri Vikram Khurana, CEO Prudential Consulting Inc. Later some other individuals contacted our secretary, Subhash Chander, expressing intention to help Ekal.

Saturday, April 23, 2016:

Reception for Dr. Chandra by Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Canada. This event was held at prestigious Sringeri temple, 80 Brydon Dr, Toronto.This function was organized by Ekal Toronto team under the capable leadership of Shri Subhash Chander, Secretary.

In addition to the large Toronto team, members of Windsor, London, Guelph and Hamilton teams were also present, notably Indra Wadehra, Sonal and Samir Thaker, Vandana and Udit Shah, Abha and Dr. Hemant Gosain, Ajit and Sat Wadhwa, Shri Dharmendra Dholkia, Shri Santosh Prabhu, Prabha and Dr.Sunit Nanda, Renu and Anil Bhalla, Lajpat Gupta, krishna Sharma, Sarita Gupta and Sohana Gupta. Kanta and Om Arora represented ATN. Mr. Anil Thapa of Nepali Radio was quite helpful. A number of members of CIF attended this function- notably Mr. Ramesh Chottai, Mr. Ajit Someshwar, Mr. Pankaj Dave, Mr. Naresh Chavda and Mr. Anil Shah, in addition to the names already mentioned earlier. Representatives of Canadian and Indian governments participated. Thanks to Ekal U.S. team (Ramesh Shah, Renu Rajvanshi Gupta, Arun Gupta). Promod Sharma and Udit Shah took still photos. Manglacharan was chanted by Shri Amar Erry, president Arya Samaj. Subhash Chander, Ekal secretary will recognize large Toronto team separately.

Main objective of this event was to introduce GTA and other South Western Ekal teams to Dr. Chandra and seek his advice for further growth. The function went very well in spite of limitations of time. Around 350 people attended. Dr. Chandra visited the temple to receive blessings. Ekal Canada team, and Tamil association of Canada (TACA) president Shri Chari and his team, presented shawls and plaques. .

Dr. Chandra conveyed the message of Ekal Vidyalaya very effectively. He gave a new meaning to the Vedic hymn ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. It literally means ” World is one family’. Dr. Chandra gave it a new meaning ” World is my family”. He donated the award of $50,000 from CIF to Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Canada.

The function was held at Sringeri Vidya Bharati Foundation. Thanks to Dr. V.I. Lakshmanan and to Pankaj Dave for their contribution and support in making this event a success. The food was delicious and served well. Thanks to Roshan ji. The young dancers from Nrutyakala academy (Shrusti Joshi, Dhavani Patel, Prutha Chavda, Dhriti Patel) and singers from Swar Gunjan music academy (Vaidehi Sadrani, Ashka Dixit, and Varenya Bhacheck on tabla) performed remarkably well. A large number of volunteers had worked very hard to make this event a success.
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