Ekal Curriculum has been evolved with its journey of more than two decades. The philosophy adopted is based on activity and story-telling. Different people at different level have contributed in bringing the final Ekal Curriculum and presently led by full time volunteers at National Level who have more than 30 years of experience in the field of education with grass-roots understanding.

Ekal Vidyalaya is conducted six days in a week for three hours and following structure is followed:

  • Children in the age group of 6 to 14 years are allowed to attend
  • A maximum of 30 children can be part of Ekal Vidyalaya
  • In the beginning of the year the children are divided in to two groups based on their level of learning skill

Following Curriculum

  • Basic Literacy, Arithmetic & Science
  • Language – English & Hindi
  • Health & Hygien
  • Promoting Local Skills
  • Physical Activities – Yoga & Play

To adjust for the differences in culture and language across India, each state has a curriculum leader who is responsible for translating content to the local language and choosing appropriate play and stories based on the traditions of the state. The Ekal curriculum follows a three year syllabus, which is teaches simultaneously to multiple grades through group learning (also called multi-grade teaching). Teacher teaches various grade levels at different times during the 3 hour day while students would work on homework assigned to them. Older students assist younger students - enjoy learning from older peers.

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