What we do

Ekal Tailoring Training Center

Women empowerment is at the core of Ekal’s village development activity. Tailoring training has been an effective skill training that not only enables women to have decent clothes for themselves and their families, thus improving their self-confidence but also provides good income earning opportunities


* 3 month program
* Hub and spoke model – Central training centers train women who open satellite training center in their village
* Graduates can earn upto Rs. 5,000/ month
* Self help group established at the training center to connect women to large-scale market opportunities.

Currently there are 15 tailoring training centers at Gramothan centers and over 70 satellite-training centers.  We have over 2500 women who have tailoring training in the past 3 years. 

Donation Needed – $30,000

I am able to earn between 2-5000 Rs/ Month. I do not need to think about going to a city and working as a servant anymore. I can run my own shop. 
- Rukmini Prajapathi
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