What we do

Ekal Vidyalaya

Ekal Vidyalaya is established in a village once a Gram Samiti is formed and takes the responsibility to monitor and support its activities. This brings the local ownership and involvement of the village community. Ekal Vidyalaya ensures five folds education in a village for children and whole village community including rural women, rural youth, farmers&panchayat.

Functional Literacy

Primary objective of Ekal Vidyalaya is to ensure functional literacy among children of the village. Vidyalaya runs usually for 3 Hrs for6 days in a week with average 30 students. The students are admitted after the assessment of their literacy level, so that accordingly three groups could be formed. The main purpose is to teach basic skills of reading, writing, basic arithmetic, general science and basic social study.

Health Care Education

The other important objective is to create awareness among children and village community towards health & hygiene through demo and providing examples and narrating importance of cleanness in the village so that they are sensitised to take care of their basic health needs. Village community is also sensitised about the importance of healthy and balanced diet during weekly Vidyalaya.


Development Education

Ekal Vidyalaya works with farmers and rural youth to spread awareness about the organic farming. Special camps are organised to train farmers and rural youth to make agriculture a profitable venture. Main focus remains on sustainable models and techniques in agriculture.

Empowerment Education

Ekal Vidyalaya extensively runs awareness campaigns on different issues of national importance. The main focus of these campaigns is on educating village community about different welfare Govt. schemes available for them. RTI, Tree plantation, Bank Accounts, cleanness etc. remain some of other important campaigns.

Ethics & Value Education

Development alone would not make a better society in the absence of appropriate guidance on value system. Considering the importance of the same, Ekal emphasises on ethics & value education as an important aspect in Vidyalaya and also runs mobile cultural centres across its network. Cultural centres bring all segments of society together through different programs, by engaging women, youth & elders of the rural-tribal community in the development programmes.

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