To run a single Ekal school for one year, it costs around INR 22,000, the equivalent of US $365 per year or US $1 per day. This includes teacher’s honorarium, classroom materials, books for students, and supporting administrative costs.

Utilisation of INR 22,000 for one year to operate one Ekal school:

  • 60% teacher honorarium
  • 27% training & capacity building of teachers & volunteers
  • 4% teaching materials
  • 9 % administrative and other.


Since Ekal relies on the self-motivation of teachers driven by the spirit of volunteerism rather than their monetary incentives. As Ekal Vidyalaya follow the informal way of teaching and do not need any fix infrastructure or building.   The Vidyalaya conducts its activities from any common place available in the village and therefore the spending on honorarium of teacher and infrastructure are limited. 


Ekal funds are raised from three main sources – Individual donors from Urban India, well-wishers and patronages of ekal movement living outside India across different countries and funds under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It takes between 5-8 years for a school to reach full self-sufficiency, meaning that the families in the villages and nearby small towns can raise all of INR 20,000 necessary to fund their Ekal School each year. It is heartening to note that 16% of schools were partially or fully self-sufficient in year 2015.  

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