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HFRI Medical Internship in Ekal Villages

Goal, Perspective & Experience

The vastness of rural India provides many opportunities to learn and fathoms innumerable medical conditions & lifestyle analysis opportunities, including the atmospheric, economic and cultural impacts on the health. HFRI has successfully completed its first "Medical Internship Initiative", by taking nine pre-medical students from various colleges across the United States to India, exposing them to Indian medical system, common tropical and non-tropical diseases, village health, exposure to Yoga and its impact on physical, mental and medical diseases, cultural exposure and spiritual up lifting. It was a fabulous experience.

"Our first HFRI M.I.I. project was really blessed by the higher energy which made it an extremely educational, worthwhile, and rewarding trip for not only the 9 students selected in the program, but also for all the volunteers and medical professionals helping with the coordination" – Dr. Veena Gandhi

The program ran from Jan 2nd to Jan 12th at Ranchi - Jharkhand, India. The participating students rounded with internists, surgeons, pediatricians and preventive and community health departments in the renowned medical school at Ranchi to learn about common diseases prevalent in that area. They also visited private nursing homes, small, medium and large sized charity hospitals and outreach clinics. This gave them tremendous exposure about india’s Medical health systems. There was also a trip to a remote village, Gola, to learn about the village life, village culture and traditions. They learnt about HFRI initiative of anemia eradication program in women and children in Ekal Vidyalaya villages and attended general medical camp where approximately 200 patients were seen by the doctors of the area.

The students kept daily journal and subsequently hopefully they may write an article about health care and village health in India. We, at HFRI, strongly feel that this connectivity of West to East will be extremely valuable to the participants, giving them a great exposure to a different country, life style, culture, medical diseases, medical system, and above all, will make them broader thinkers.

Now, as we enter into 2016, HFRI is ready to offer this program again for 2016 -‘17. If there is any question, do not hesitate to call Dr Veena S Gandhi(856 435 9148), Dinesh Modh(516 935 0002) or Dr Hasmukh Shah at 815 441 0559. Students will be selected on first come first serve basis.

Proposed Program Schedule 2016 - 2017

  • Group 1) December 27, 2016 to January 7, 2017
  • Group 2) December 29, 2016 to January 9, 2017
  • Ranchi (Jharkhand) India
  • Banaras (UP) India

Proposed Program

  1. Get together
  2. Village trip and general medical camp
  3. Hospital round - at the private nursing home
  4. Medical Rounds - with internists, surgeons, pediatricians, and preventive and community health
  5. Private Hospital Visits
  6. Village Trip - (second)
  7. Yoga and its application to medicine/Meditation
  8. Sightseeing/pleasure trips/shopping (time-permitting)
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