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Holistic Development of Tribal & Rural Bharat

India is a heterogeneous country, socio-culturally, economically, linguistically and in several other aspects. Though India is a unique example of unity in diversity, yet there are few issues which set them apart from each other. Broadly speaking, these societies have been divided as urban, rural and tribal. This division is based on the basis of distribution and nature of population, presence of resources and facilities. It is the matter of concern that even after so many years of Independence, the rural and tribal areas continue to live under the deprived conditions that is illiteracy, lack of health services, lack of infrastructure facilities, lack of nutrition, unemployment, lower status of women, atrocities done against women and children and many others. Therefore, under the planned development, policies have been chalked out by the Government of India for the all round development of tribal and rural areas. Government implements these plans in the time frame of five-year (with 12th Five Year Plan 2012-2017 running) but it is also a fact that inspite of so much expenditure done on various schemes under the planned development the results still remain far from achieving.

Ekal has focussed its consolidated development programmes in two prominent areas viz. Rural Development (Gramothan) and Health (Aroygya).

In this backdrop, Ekal Movement with 26 years of experience of working with tribal and rural communities has started its integrated and holistic development of villages with special interventions in areas of health and rural development. EKAL is among the organisations with largest pool of volunteers globally and has also large pool of individual donors, which reflect the transparency and the trust of the people in the philosophy and operations of the movement. The organisation structure developed over two decades providing deep access to remotest areas has been further harnessed for the purpose.

The prime focus of Ekal is on education, yet Ekal is addressing several other issue related to health and social development too. Health camps are organised in each block where EKAL schools are run, twice a year catering to various expert medical services to rural communities. To enhance income of tribal and rural families, various projects have been undertaken like organic farming, skill development, nutrition garden & sustainable agriculture. For empowerment of rural communities, educating them with tools like RTI has been undertaken through weekly adult schools.

Our two main endeavours in this regards include:

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