Newsletter April 2009

Subhash Gupta, President EVFUS Recalls his Memories of Bharat Visit

Sri Subhash Gupta alongwith his wife Smt. Saroj Gupta met our Dubai Ekal Team while heading back to USA from Bharat. Sri Subhashji wrote to Ambiji-“It was indeed very heartening that we could spend some time together and share our vision for Ekal.”Also he had a meeting with our Ekal London team at Smt Garima Kabra's house.


Anil Wadhwa Commends and Endorses Objectives of EVF

Sri Anil Wadhwa, Ambassador of India to Muscat, very much applauded the efforts of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India to eradicate illiteracy from the Indian soil. He vehemently endorsed the objectives of EVFI and awarded a commendation certificate. Anil Wadher, President EVF Support Group Muscat, alongwith Sri Wadhawa met with Smt. Sangita Gupta, Ekal Global Coordinator & Sri Pradeep Goyal, Trustee, EVFI, Sri Jitubhai Bhansali, President, FTS Mumbai & Smt. Kunji Bhansali on 25th March, 2009 in Muscat.


Letter for Renewal of Ekal Schools Sponsorship for the Session RMS 2009

We are happy to let you know that the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India has met recently its short-term goal of reaching 26,429 schools throughout India's tribal belt. Now, we are aiming to establish 10,000 more schools by the end of 2009. With the kind help and generous support of our enlightened donors, we have been able to assist approximately 7,53,810 children to become literate.

The schools sponsored by the benevolent donors are due for renewal from 1st of April, 2009. 

"We would, therefore, request you to extend your kind support to help us meet our goal of educating children in rural and tribal villages and eradicating illiteracy from the face of our Motherland."


24th Chapter of FTS to be Inaugurated in Indore (M.P.)

The 24th Chapter of Friends of Tribals Society will be inaugurated in Indore on 12th April, 2009. Sri R.L. Kabra will be the Chief Gguest of the inauguration ceremony at Sayaji Mahal, Hotel Sayaji, Indore.


Vanvasi Aashirwad Samaroh Held in Bhubaneswar

It was 14th February, a lovely day in Bhubaneswar. The winter chill had left and Summer was yet to set in.

There was an invitation for a Vanvasi Ashirvad Samaroh to celebrate the wedding of Khushbu (Fly. Off.) and Sandeep (Fly. Lt.). The celebration was to be held in the premises of UBSS at Mancheswar.

The entire Friends of Tribals Society Bhubaneswar, Chapter committee was invited for the same.

We had never witnessed any such program earlier and had no concept of Vanvasi Ashirvad Samaroh. We reached the precincts of UBSS by about 10AM.The entire family of Mrs. Khushbu was present at the Venue. Her mother Mrs. Sangita Agrawal, her Father Mr. Gauri Shankar Agrawal her maternal grand father and maternal grandmother too had come to grace the occasion. Other family members present were brothers and uncles of Khushbu.

Program started with the singing of Bhajans by members of Hari Katha Samiti. There was a very serene and pristine environment. There was Ved Path by members of Hari Katha Samiti. Next, young village tribal girls sang Bhajans about Radha and Krishna, very appropriate for the occasion, in an extreme melodious voice for about an hour.

Thereafter, Ma. Shyamji Gupta took the stage and invited the couple on to the stage. There was a brief round of introduction of all present.

The ASHIRVAD SAMAROH began after that. All present in the hall showered flowers over the young couple one by one. In no time there was a small mountain of flowers over the heads of the young couple
i.e., Khushbu and Sandeep. At the other end, the grand parents of Khushbu, Mrs. and Mr. Goel were seated. We all after passing by the young couple paid obeisance to Mrs. and Mr. Goel and were given Prasad.

The family members were requested to reflect upon their experience of the SAMAROH. Each one had something to say. A young cousin of Khushbu burst into tears while speaking. One uncle of Khushbu presented a song too. There was happiness and a feel good perception all round. Suddenly we all started dancing with the young couple. Khushbu’s parents especially Mrs. Sangita Gupta was actively participating in the dance. The entire duration of the program was of about two hours. Thereafter we all went for a lunch on the rooftop of the Bhawan.

It was an unforgettable experience never witnessed earlier. A beautiful synthesis of tribal backdrop to an Urban milieu. Vanvasi’s proffering blessings to TWO HELICOPTER PILOTS. Such programs would have a long reaching effect in bridging the divide of Tribals and Urban.


Ekal Kendriya Mulyankan Varg Held from 18th to 22nd March, 2009

Kendriya Mulyankan Varg (Central Evaluation Training) was inaugurated by Sri Madhawendrajee, Akhil Bhartiya Ekal Abhiyan Pramukh, in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh on 18th March, 2009 in the Madhav Sabhagar, Nirala Nagar Shishu Mandir, Lucknow. Mananiya Rajendrajee Shinghal, Local committee member of Lucknow was the Guest of Honor on this occasion. Sri Suresh Deshpande (Kendriya Mulyankan Prabhari) was also present there.

Sri Madhawendrajee emphasized the need of Mulyankan Varg.

Whole Kendriya Mulyankan Varg was completed in the presence of Sri Suresh Deshpandejee. Ekal Global Coordinator, Smt. Sangita Gupta also participated in the Varg. She encouraged our Karyakart’s.

There were 21 Karyakarta participants in 19 Kshetra and 10 (7 from Ekal 3 from Sanskar Shiksha) Trainer from our Kendriya Toli.

Five satras were divided into two theory, two practical and one discussion satra, every day.

The Varg ended with the showering of love and light on the aims and objectives by the Sangathan Prabhari, Ma. Shyamjee Gupta.


Nagpur Mahila Samiti celebrates Women’s Day

Nagpur Mahila Samiti under Gramotthan Parishad, Nagpur, celeberated Women's Day at Gowaritola in Gondia district, Maharashtra on 8th March 09th. This was the first program of this kind to be conducted in any of the Ekal Vidyalaya villages. The Program was inaugarated by Deep Prajwalan. 

As children are the focus of the education, Mahila Samiti thought mothers are the medium through which the habit of going to Vidyalaya can be successfully inculcated in them. A three hour program was conducted to have a dialogue with women who gathered from 5 nearby villages. Smt. Ashaji Pande, Sampark Pramukh and a well known writer and poet, guided all women gathered, about Why Women's day came into existance and how important women’s role in her family as well as in the society is. Dr. Sanjeevani discussed how right from the birth a woman needs special care at different stages of her life and her role for the upliftment of her family.

During the program an inspiring song in the lead and follow manner "GALAT MAT KADAM UTHAO SOCH KAR CHALO, VICHAR KAR CHALO" filled the air with ‘JOSH’.

All the women enjoyed singing together. 2 women were asked to express their views about the healthy family and society. They said this is the first time that such a program has been conducted through Ekal Vidyalaya movement and they couldn't find words how thankful they are for creating awareness amongst them. They said it was very much educating as well as entartaining too and expressed that they would like to have such interactions more often in future.

After the program when asked by the fulltime Karyakartas about it, most of the women at Gowaritola said they were overwhelmed by the care and concern showed by Mahila Samiti, Nagpur. The program ended with fun filled interactive games. Mahila Samiti distributed sarees as gifts, collected in Nagpur city. They were very happy to receive the gifts. Gondia Aanchal prabhari, Shri Jayantji Pathak accompanied the group. 

The members present for the program were:
Smt. Kshama Kulkarni - President, Mahila Samiti, Nagpur
Smt. Sarita Gavhane - V. P.  
Deepa Pahak - Secretary
Shailaja Pingle - Jt. Secretary

Smt. Girija Dandavate
Adv. Anuradha Dandige
Smt. Asha Pande and Dr. Sanjeevani - Chief Guests

It was observed that Gondiya Ekal Vidyalaya abhiyan pramukh Vinayak Jadhav has a wonderful team working with him and he is working very hard to make Ekal Vidyalaya a great success.

Gondiya Aanchal Ekal Vidyalaya team:
Sri Badriprasad Dasariya - Sankul Samiti Upadhyaksha
Sri Harishankar Gupta - Aanchal Prashikshan Pramukh
Sri Ramlal Raut - Sanch Pramukh
Sri Kanvalchand Dasariya - Sankul Pramukh
Sri Shaligram Machchurke - Sanch Pramukh

Sri Badriprasad Dasariya made it all possible with their great efforts and co-ordination. Mahila Samiti was moved by their dedication.

Program was conducted by Sri Harishankar Gupta and Shailaja Pingle and ended with delicious lunch provided by Sri Badriprasad Dasariya for everybody who attended it. More than 200 people attended the program.

Deepa Pathak


Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad Organized Vanyatra

On 14th of March, 2009, a Van Yatra programme was organized at the Banikhet Anchal of Chamba District in Himachal Pradesh in which Chairman of North East Chapter and Industrialists Sri Satya Narayan Gupta, Sri Vakil Chand Singhal, Sri Indra Mohan Aggarwal, Sri Vijay Gupta and Sri N.K. Garg participated with great enthusiasm. They visited Ekal Vidyalayas running in Tunuhatti and Neekhad villages of Banikhet Sanch. The students and Karyakartas greeted the visitors in the traditional way. Sri Satya Narayan Gupta presented the epic Geeta to the members of Gram Samity and highlighted its importance. After that the visitors were taken to Ekal Vidyalaya at Nainikhand where the little girls fascinated them by singing the song “De di hamein Azadi bina Khadag bina Dhal, Sabarmati ke Sant tune kar diya Kamal.”

On 15th of Mach, 2009 the team visited Sarog village of Sihuta Sanch where the villagers organized cultural programme and Lok Geet followed by Arogya Nukkad play. The students of Ekal Vidyalaya sang songs which were very much appreciated by the visitors.

Sri Indra Mohan Aggarwal threw light on the importance of Ekal Kumbh scheduled to be organized in New Delhi on 30th, 31st October & 1st November, 2009.


Ekal updates - Ekal Vidyalaya

Current: Number of Ekal Schools: 26,429 Number of Children: 753,810


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