Newsletter April 2020

Ekal Nepal distributes food

karyakartas of Ekal Abhiyan and other seva groups distributes food to the needy people at different areas in Kathmandu during the Corona virus crisis.


''Bharat ke rang Ekal ke sangh'' - Ekal Fundraising tour 2020

We have started out with a bang with our first program in Fayettevile. Raised 101 schools compared to 52 last year in a city with 150 Indian families. All kalakars were fully energized, and gave phenomenal performance; so proud of them. The Fayetteville organizers were terrific hosts; really appreciate it.
Along with the earthy flavor of India's villages Ekal team reached USA  to win the hearts of Americans with a plan for  5 month participation in a range of more than 70 programs in the United States. But due to Corona virus they had to leave for India in between.


Fun time with ''Bharat ke rang Ekal ke sangh'' Kalakars at Ekal Houston office.


'Bharat ke rang Ekal ke sangh' at Florida

Bharat ke rang Ekal ke sangh was conducted at Lakeland, Florida on 28th February in Swami Narayan temple hall attended by over 250 people. The concept of Ekal was well received by the audience.


''Bharat ke rang Ekal ke sangh'' Tampa event raises funds for 800 Vidyalayas

It was one of their best Ekal program in Tampa on 22nd February, lots of compliments, everyone felt happy and excited. Over 400 people attended the program and raised funds to support almost 800 Ekal Vidyalayas.

Artists were down to earth, very talented. Despite their rural background they can sing, dance, play musical instruments and act. Their introduction was very heart touching and audience gave them standing ovation. The program at Tampa was flawless and audience commented that it was the best Ekal program they have watched.


''Bharat ke rang Ekal ke sangh'' Fort Lotrdel raises funds for about 250 Vidyalayas

On February 29 fund raising program was organized at Fort lotrdel. The program was very good,  about  250 people attended the program that helped raise funds for 247 Ekal Vidyalayas. Thanks to Shri Dilip Kotekr.


Shri Vivek Oberoi at 'Power of Education' forum in Boston

Bollywood superstar and Philanthropist, Shri Vivek Oberoi enthralled the Boston Community at Ekal Vidyalaya's 'Power of Education' Forum. His personal involvement for social causes has been tremendous, he touched the audience hearts with ‘DEVI’ initiative. As Global Ambassador for Ekal, he is most touched by the impact Ekal is making in the building of rural India. Truly inspirational to listen to him. Ekal New England team did a great job bringing forth the work being done by this organization, the projects making an impact – skill development, tailoring, telemedicine, digital education, cold storage, quite a few of these being shaped by the New England supporters. Hats off to the entire Ekal New England volunteers for meticulous planning and execution.


Ekal warriors fights Corona

  • The management of Ekal Abhiyan decided to suspend all Ekal field activities from 14th March, including Ekal Vidyalaya, Sanskar Kendra, Skill development classes, training camps, Ekal on Wheels, E Shiksha and Eye Van.
  • Arogya activities only have continued unabated. Arogya Sahayika have been joined by Ekal teachers and volunteers. The only activities left since 14th were limited to spread awareness about personal hygiene (washing hands with soap repeatedly in particular) and need for maintaining social distancing and precautions in cases of fever, sneeze, cough and breathlessness. Arogya team has been guiding such awareness campaign.
  • Since third week of March, keeping tab on and quarantizing the persons returning from cities and towns has started, supporting efforts of Gram Panchayat and administration.  
  • To support volunteers and public servants engaged in fighting the crisis, Ekal started producing face masks and sanitizers through their GRC centres primarily for Ekal volunteers and distributing balance through District Health authorities, from third week of March. This has covered by now 11 tailoring training centres in 7 states and would cover 24 such centres in next couple of weeks. Capacity of making such masks is around 10,000 and 100 litres of sanitizers per day.
Those who would like to donate for this cause from US may visit the following link and contribute:


Ekal Karyakarthas and Acharyas creating corona virus awareness in villages through wall writing and distributing masks, rice, potato, dal and some green vegetables.


Sankranthi Sangraha distribution by FTS Chennai Mahila Samithi

- Smt Uma, Anchal Abhiyan Pramukh and Kum Latha, Bhag Gatvidhi Pramukh

Kollidam Sanch of Sirkazhi Anchal in Tamilnadu, celebrated annual day of its villages and distribution of sankranti sangraha on 9th March. FTS Chennai Mahila Samithi, Acharyas, Bhag and other samithis participated. Awards were presented to best Acharyas and Karyakarthas.

Virudhachalm Anchal in Tamilnadu also celebrated annual day and distributed Sankranthi Sangraha on 8th March and awarded the best Acharyas and Karyakarthas. The participation of field workers in both the functions were very encouraging.


'Ekal ko Jano' by FTS New Delhi

The programme 'Ekal Ko Jano' was organized by Friends of Tribals Society, New Delhi Chapter on Sunday 1st March 2020.More than 300 people including FTS members, Donors, Invitees, Kathakar, Karyakarta and Ekal School children participated in the program.

A live Ekal School, Ekal on Wheels (Mobile Computer lab), Ekal Rath and other activities of Ekal Abhiyan were showcased at the program. A counter of display and sale of Ekal organic products produced under the aegis of Ekal Gramothan Foundation was a big attraction. The program was successful in registering 29 new members on the spot. Mahila Samiti played an important role in successfully organizing the event. A keen interest was shown by the Mahila Samiti and 14 Sewapatra were taken by them to collect small donations.


Sessions for Ekal Women Empowerment by students of Lucknow University

Students of Lucknow University distributed sanitary napakins to women of Ekal villages.also educated them the seriousness of Corona Virus and briefed them about the precautionary measures  to escape from getting infected by the virus. Later they all played Holi together. Shri Rishu Bhatia also participated. Students of Lucknow University will be conducting special session for self-defense every sunday with an objective "empowerment of women" for Ekal women.


Jeevan ke rang at FTS Indore

Second anniversary program of FTS Indore Chapter was organized by Chapter on 25th Feb. The event was organized in the the prestigious "Ravindra Natyagriha" in memory of "Late Shri Madan Gopal Baheti", by his wife Smt Shanta Baheti and son Shri  Kirti Baheti. Over 1000 people participated.


Skill Development Centre at GRC

Ekal Gramothan, in association with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), is operating a 'Skill Development Center' under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal VikasYojana (PMKVY). Two battery-operated rickshaws have been introduced in Giridih, Jharkhand, for transportation purposes of the students enrolled at the center.

#NSDC #SkillingIndia #MinistryOfSkillDevelopment


Bhopal FTS member shows the way

FTS member of Bhopal who is running a boutique has come forward to conduct a 3 days training program at free of cost at Ekal Gramothan Centre for Mahendra bady village people in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh. The training will be on computer learning and sewing.


GRC at Madhya Pradesh, Hoshangabad

On 10th February Ekal Gramothan Foundations,  launched Gramothan Resource Centre in Hoshangabad Anchal, Babai sanch village Mahendra Bari in Madhya Pradesh.
The inaugration was done by Shri Ajay Poddar from US who belongs to the family of  Ekal founder Shri Madan Lal Agarwal. The program was also attended by Smt Ranjani Sehgal  EVF USA, Shri Naresh G Jain and Shri Kanodia from Delhi and from Central Zone Shri Sunil Agarwal, Smt Aasha Shukla and Shri Mahendra Shukla and president of FTS Bhopal Shri Vijay Agarwal.


Masks production at new GRC centre at MP

Training was given to Ekal workers to produce masks on a large scale to meet the demand during this covid - 19 virus crisis. Picture from the new GRC centre that came up in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.


Eye Van for Arogya Foundation by Todi Foundation

Eye Van for Arogya Foundation was donated and supported by TODI FOUNDATION (USA) of Shri Nand Todi, at Jaipur. Present at the occasion were  Dr Umesh Paliwal from Kanpur, Dr KK Mangalam - Working President Arogya, Shri Jyoti Maheshwari, President FTS- Jaipur, Secretary - Shri Pradip Kothary, FTS members, Smt Shobha Gupta, Kendriya Pratinidhi, Shri  Virendra Kedia, Dr Sanjeev Gupta, Secretary Arogya, Dr Madhu Gupta, eye surgeon, Dr Dharmesh Sharma and other Intellectuals and mahila members of FTS. The program was conducted by Dr Yugal Tak, convener of Arogya Jaipur, and was Presided by Dr PL Chaturvedi- Chancellor Hariyana University.


My vanyatra experience

- Shri S Amin

Visited Integrated village Development (IVD) center at Zalod, Dahod, Gujarat with Dr. Hasmukhji Shah, Jyotsanaben and Sharad Patel of Chicago on 1st February.

Met sisters from women empowerment center. They were attending sewing classes and some from computer learning center. They were from 8th grade to 12th grade. Objective was to support family and be on their own feet. They were travelling from villages 8 to 12 km away. We had a very good interactive session with them. Their future is bright with the skill training. This is very much promising. We met karyakartas and had baithak with them. Saw Poshan Vatika, where organic vegetable are grown to feed family. People with yard were encouraged to have Poshan vatika.

We also visited Ekal Vidyalaya at Mandali kuta. Usually the children comes in the morning before regular school in the afternoon but since this  was Saturday they were there in the afternoon. We had very good interaction with the children. They sang some prayers learned at school. Shri Hasmukhbhai gave one Su-vakya and one student wrote on board and discussed. I demonstrated Surya namaskar to them. We had delecious lunch at acharya Shri Shantilal's place.

We attended the Sanch Baithak with Shri Ishwarbhai at temple. Got some feedback from karyakartas. 

Some of my observations are they are enthusiastic and self motivated individuals. With increasing cost of travel, little more compensation can be helpful.


Vanyatra by FTS Chennai Mahila Samithi

6 members of FTS Chennai Mahila Samithi including its president Smt Kaajal Agarwal visited 3 Ekal Vidyalayas. In village Semakottai, they monitored the construction of soakage pit. They interacted with children, acharya and gram samithi and were satisfied with the work.


FTS Chennai Mahila distributes Sankranthi gifts

The president Smt Kaajal Agarwal along with Sankranti incharge Smt Kusum Fomra and five other members visited some of the villages of Viruthachalam Anchal on 27th February for distributing Sankranti gifts to the Acharyas and Kariyakartas. The gifts include woolen blankets and water flasks, bags, umbrellas and bed sheets.


FTS Benagaluru Mahila Chapter visits Antharsanthe Sanch

- Smt Manjula Agarwal

Bengaluru Mahila Chapter went on a vanyatra to Sirammalli and KM Halli villages of Antharsanthe Sanch. It was a surprise visit. We were 15 members, for some of the members it was the first time experience. They were thoroughly motivated and vowed to do a lot more for Ekal. We distributed sarees to the Acharyas, school bags , tiffin boxes, water bottles and biscuits to the children. The children recited mantras and shlokas which were par excellence.


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