Newsletter April 2021

2021 Ekal Ke Sur virtual fundraising event was unique and challenging from many aspects. About $1 million were raised as donations and pledges.

The program can be viewed here:  


Success story of using vermi compost

Ekal has always been promoting the use of vermi compost in the fields and do away with chemical fertilizers, for better health of all.

This is the story of one Ms Savitri Devi of Kherdih village in the Silli block of Jharhand state. She owns about an acre of land. Earlier she was using chemical fertilizers but for the last 8 years she has been using earthworm manure and she is very happy with the produce from her field. She produces vegetables like potato, tomato, brinjal and also other crops like paddy and pulses.

Savitri says that using chemical fertilizers earlier made the earth hard and became difficult to plant paddy etc. Now with vermi compost the land is soft. She says that the vegetables now have a better taste and the quantity of produce has also increased. Now she does not have to buy earthworms as they generate themselves. In fact, she is now planning to sell earthworms to neighbors too!


Ekal inspires dumb and deaf child too!

This is the story of Amrita Purane from a remote village, Jamkasha, in the state of Chhattisgarh. This village girl, though being deaf and dumb, joined Ekal Vidyalaya along with the other village children. She mingles quite well with other children due to the support and motivation she got from the Ekal Acharya. With her spirits at new high, she enjoys life like any other child in her village. Her parents, farmers, thank Ekal for her current status.

She goes to the state's primary school in Jamkasha, in the mornings but used to feel lonely there. She would spend her time alone in a corner in her class room. But things are not the same after she joined Ekal Vidyalaya in the evenings. She also shows much interest in her academic learning now.


FTS - IIM, Ranchi join together to set up and run research and training centre for tribal society

IIM Ranchi inaugurated Birsa Munda Centre for Tribal Affairs at Suchana Bhawan (BMCTA). BMCTA has been set up to conduct research and training in the areas of tribal development, entrepreneurship and planning. IIM Ranchi signed MoU with Vikas Bharti, Bishunpur and Friends of Tribal Society for the upliftment of tribal community. IIM Ranchi is established in the state of Jharkhand, a majorly tribal state, and Centre of Excellence will be a hub of research and training in Tribal Affairs.

This center’s vision is to become one of the first centers where people can seek knowledge on tribal issues, income generation programs and opportunities, entrepreneurship programs, and how it can be inculcated in tribal youths.

Hon’ble Governor of Jharkhand, Smt Droupadi Murmu, graced the occasion as Chief Guest.


Shri Hari Satsang celebrates silver jubilee

The silver jubilee festival of Ekal Sri Hari Satsang was celebrated on 6 and 7 March, 2021. The festival staged a grand dance drama by eminent artists of EKAL on March 7 at Lajpat Auditorium in Delhi, which was broadcasted live on the big screen in Geeta Bhavan Satsang Auditorium. The program was open to the public free of charge.

Ekal Shri Hari Satsang has set targets such as establishing sanskar centers in four lakh tribal villages, connecting 40 crore forest dwellers with urban society, and organizing cultural and religious programs more and more.

Visit the following links to view the program -
Ekal Shri Hari Rajat Jayanti Mahotsav Day 1(6th March)

Day 2 - Ekal Ke Rang, Bharat Ke Sang (7th March)


Krishna - Sudama event, 2021 held at ESTGRCC, Gagaon

Krishna – Sudama event, 2021 was held at ESTGRC Center, Gargaon in Wada on 21st February. The Ekal Yuva team and participants from tribal villagers were given a warm welcome by the members of Mahila Bachat Ghad. They were taken on a tour of the GRC Centre. The team of Yuva from the urban city and tribal villages exchanged ideas to improve their lifestyle through the programs of Ekal Abhiyan.


Ekal Yuva, Surat organized Ekal Cricket League - season 2

The Ekal Cricket League-2 was organized by Ekal Yuva and Shantam for 3 days from 12-14 February at the Rébounce Turf in Vesu. 24 teams participated. The event created more awareness about Ekal and its activities among youth.


Ekal on wheel inaugural function of Gangavathi centre


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