Newsletter April 2022

Ekal Dakshin Dhamaka, a grand sucess

For the very first time, Ekal USA presented Ekal Dakshin Dhamaka, a virtual musical fundraiser featuring popular Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam film songs on March 26, 8:30 pm EST. Traditionally, Ekal USA has hosted Bollywood musical fundraisers. Ekal Dakshin Dhamaka was envisioned to give visibility to the extensive presence of Ekal in South India. 
The event featured wonderful singers including a child prodigy, just 6 years old. 
US and Canada event teams and volunteers from each Chapter worked hard to take the EKAL movement to South Indian communities through the music event in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages. Thanks to all the community organizations like TANA, ATTA, NATS, TACA for  their help in promoting and participating in the event.
The event set off a new trend for a multi-lingual musical presentation from Ekal.


EKAL Kids Recycle Batteries to Help the Environment

- Rakshita Jaiswal, 9th grader, Urbana High School, Ekal Youth & Executive Board Member of
Anushka Tyagi, 9th grader, UHS, Ekal youth lead, Frederick, MD

After being a part of the Ekal community for several years, we have grown to develop an understanding for various issues that Ekal tackles. Besides just education, Ekal has worked on several projects regarding cleaner living (promoting composting and other environmental projects) and increasing the usage of sustainable resources in rural India. This inspired us to take action within our own local community, which led us to collaborate with Recycle my Battery, a student-led organization founded in New Jersey.
The oraganization helps spread awareness on the effects of battery waste, how recycling batteries helps the environment, and how to safely dispose of batteries. The organization also helps to collect and recycle batteries in many states in the USA. Every step helps the environment in several ways.
The team collected more than 25K batteries within the last few months. Thank you to all the residents of Urbana along with other places in Maryland, who donated their batteries to help us achieve this goal! The environment must be thanking us right now.
We also thank Ekal Foundation USA ( for providing the opportunity and resources to work on this project.


Fundraiser by Ekal, Jacksonville

Ekal Jacksonville fundraiser 2022 turned out to be an amazing event!! The dance drama by the young students of Smt. Sasi Arun was nothing less than a visual treat.


Taking E-Shiksha to the southern states of India

Smt Manjushree, Chairperson, Ekal Sansthan, visited Annagramam sanch in Vridhachalam Anchal (Cudulore) in Tamilnadu on February 27. She was accompanied by Chennai Sansthan President Dr. Vidhya Raghu, Shri Balasubramanian, Prabhag President and Shri Karthikeyan, Sah Prabhag Pramukh.
The main objective of the visit was to introduce E-Shiksha in the sanch and explain the concept and working of PRAGAT sanch.
All the teachers and karyakartas were present in the meeting cum orientation program. President and Secretary of the Sanch, Anchal, Bhag and Sambhag samities from Erode, Coimbatore and Vridhachalam participated in the meeting. They were also updated about the whole schemes of PRAGAT sanch and E-Shiksha in the Annagramam Sanch, the first sanch in Southern States for E-Shiksha.


Ekal Vyaas Kathakaar narrates her Success Story

I am Kumari Priya Chanda, a resident of the Cachar district of Assam. Due to the weak financial conditions of family, I moved to take charge of looking after my family after completing my higher secondary examinations. In 2006, I took 2-month primary Vyaas training, followed by a 6-month one in Ayodhya. After returning from the training, I was designated the charge of one block of Assam. After gaining some experience, I got engaged in the works of other Sanch and Anchals. In September 2015, I was called to Delhi to get training in performing arts. In 2017, I got the golden opportunity of performing in the grand event of 'Ekal Sur Taal' in the USA. I feel blessed today for being a part of the Ekal family and heartily thank the fraternity of Ekal for unlocking my potential and giving me an identity in which I can take immense pride. I resolve to devote my entire life towards the path shown by Ekal Abhiyan for the service of the nation.


Awarness program about Ekal organized at Osmania University College for Women

Shri Alok Agarwal, Ekal Yuva Chairman, Telangana addressed about 100 students of Osmania University College for Women. The students were from 10th to 12th standards. They got inspired to work in some form for Ekal.


Medical camp at Jammu village

On 11th March, Ekal Abhiyan Kathua sanch of Jammu Sambhag organized a medical camp to boost immunity. The program was guided by Dr Mohan Singh, Director, Ayush and Dr Ajay Tickoo, DAO Kathua. About 60 children benefitted.


EGF Surat team visit Songadh villges

Shri Vinod Agrawal, Shri Brijmohan Agrawal and Ekal Mahila Samithi members visited Ekal village Bavali near Songadh.
With training from Ekal Gramothan, ladies of these villages of Songadh, with dried cow dung make cow dung cakes (Patties) called Upla or Kanda which are used as replacement for firewood for cooking in Chulah. Songhad, Gramothan is producing Upla or Kanda for holi pujan. During Diwali they make Diya and incense stick with cow dung.
Due to this, cow rearing and cow based organic farming is increasing in a big way among the villagers. It also helps in increasing their income. Just in 15 days our sisters from village Bavali made 5000 garland set made by these Patties for Holi.
- Brijmohan Agarwal
  President, EGF Surat


Ekal Yuva, Kolkata visits Purba Daria village

Ekal Yuva Kolkata organized a special village visit 'Chai Kitab Chronicles' on the occasion of Holi Festival on Sunday 13 March, 2022. Children and team of village Purba Daria Ekal Vidyalaya, were delighted to see the Ekal Yuva team and welcomed them warmly. Children shared the joy of the festival with Ekal Yuva team and enjoyed their time with various interesting activities. Ekal Yuva team presented pichkaris and hats to children for the Holi festival.


Vanyatra by Vanbandhu Parishad and New Alipore Committee

A Vanyatra was organized for Rajarampur and Jhumuniya Ekal Vidyalayas in Falta, South 24 Parganas by Vanbandhu Parishad - New Alipore Committee on Sunday, 6th March 2022.
About 30 people participated in this Vanyatra. Many of these comrades visited Ekal Vidyalaya for the first time. They were overwhelmed by the gleeful welcome accorded by the villagers. Visitors were very happy to see how well Ekal Vidyalayas are running in the villages.
The Ekal students were very excited at the arrival of the Vanyatris, they recited the poems taught in their classes, sang patriotic songs and danced in front of the Vanyatris. Gifts were given by the Vanyatris to the children.


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