Newsletter August 2012

Ekal to Olympics

An Ekal Student “Pinki Karmakar“ ran for India with London Olympic Torch in Nottingham Square on 28th June 2012 at 12.00 Noon (London Time).
Seventeen Year old Pinki Karmakar is the student of class Xth in Barbarauah Tea State High School, District Dibrugarh (Assam). Pinki started her journey from Ekal Vidyalaya in Barburuah Tea Village Dibrugarh, Assam. “It was the only running School in my Village” she said.

Pinki’s father Sh. Rajan Karmakar is painter in a factory and mother Smt. Leela Rajvar is tea leaf plucker. Among five sisters and one brother Pinki is the brightest. She is good in sports and studies, her father proudly said. Pinki practices sports under the project “Sports for development” of UNICEF. She was selected on her merit to run with Olympic Torch in Nottingham Square. Both her parents were extremely happy when I visited her house and met with the family on 3rd July 2012. I spoke to Pinki and her parents at her Village house. In conversation with me she expressed her ambitions and future plans. I was amazed to hear her desires to serve the nation and the community through her sports skill and education. In spite of her family constraints, she teaches village women to read and write in the evening and sports to children.

She wants to work with Ekal Vidyalya Abhiyan, she said. Shri Radheshyamji of Dibrugarh Anchal also accompanied me. He assured Pinki to pursue her education without any hesitation. The organization will help her. Pinki felt extremely happy. Pinki is proud of her country. The whole village is proud of her.

Pinki Karmakar was honoured with “Phulam Gamcha” (The traditional Assames symbol of honour) in the public function of inauguration of Ekal Mahila Varg in Dibrugarh on 1st July 2012. Pinki told the Media “I am elated. It is due to Ekal Viidyalaya I have reached here”.
Prof. Manjushree


Medical Camps organized in Ekal Villages

There was a visit to the Ekal Vidyalaya village Bruti and Kandhasahi in Jagarnathpur Sanch of Distt. Angul (Odisha) by Dr. Sudhakar Pal, Anchal Mulyankan Prabhari and Ashok Muduli, Anchal Vyavastha Prabhari and other members like Sri Subhendu Nayak, Sri Basant Nayak, Sri Tankadhar Pati & Sri Pathani Bariha on April 22, 2012. There was a sweet discussion regarding the school among the students, villagers & acharya (teacher) of the school. Then two Homoeopathic free health Camps were conducted by Dr. Sudhakar Pal, MD (Hom) at village Kandhasahi & Bruti respectively. He examined 156 patients and distributed free medicines among them. The doctor gave medicines for different type of diseases like anaemia, malaria fever, viral fever, cough & cold, worm diseases, scabies, acid peptic, arthritis, chicken-pox etc.

Dr. Sudhakar Pal also talked to the villagers elaborately with simple language regarding health hygiene, water pollution and habits to the student and villagers.


Mahila Nagar Sangthan Varg-2012

The training programme for urban, semi-urban and rural women volunteer of Ekal Movement began from 1st July, 2012. This year we are organizing 16 Mahila Vargs in different states of the country.

The 1st Mahila Varg was conducted in Dibrugarh Dist. Assam in which 170 Ladies participated from 11 districts of Uppar Assam. The 2nd and 3rd ‘vargs’ were orgnised in Shivpuri (M.P) and Malda (Bangal) Anchals. Both the vargs had 100 participants in each Varg from 11 and 9 districts respectively.
The fact that all the Districts (Anchals) have been represented in the Vargs, is satisfactory. It is worth noting that young ladies from sanch and gramin committees from difficult and sensitive areas like Dheemaji and Karbianglong in Assam and Naxalbari and Alipurdwar in Bangal, braved all odds to attend the Vargs, in good numbers.

In the hierarchy of Ekal structure sanchs are the nearest centers to Ekal villages. Hence the ladies from sanch are the most important link for Ekal Villages.
The two main challenges for expansion of Ekal are Swalamban collection and quality concern. Both can be easily met by mobilizing greater involvement and participation of local committees, specially the ladies of Anchal, Sankul and Sanch centers. Women of these small Towns, Kasbas are (moderately) educated, talented, resourceful, courageous, hard working and their emotional quotient is better. It they are charged with devotion for Ekal Mission these ladies can really give results.

Around 70%-80% ladies had come from sanch, (the nearest centre having easy access to Ekal villages) in the vargs, so these ladies are taught to befriend the grass-root workers, Ekal teachers and the members of Gram Samiti, to help them in quality control of Ekal Schools. This is known as “Abhibhavak Yojna”. Increasing number of participants in vargs from sanch, sankul and gram samiti is encouraging for us to get their practical involvement in better functioning of schools. Some women told us that they were teachers and fulltimers few years ago, now they have come to varg as samiti members. Such previously connected ladies are more enthusiastic to support ekal works.

The lady volunteers are given training in six schemes.
1. Karyakarta Uphar Samman Yojna (Sankranti Sangrah)
2. Ma Yashoda yojna (Seva Patra)
3. Mahila Sangthan Vistar
4. Pravas – Ekal village visit
5. Vanyatra
6. Abhibhavak Yojna- Sneh Sampark

These schemes are the effective ways to get connected with Ekal working.

Some prominent members of Kolkata, Indore and Delhi chapters have attended the varg. They took group discussions successfully. Their participation in training programme is inspiring for all. Smt. Vinita Jaju of Indore chapter said, “Only when we attend these vargs, our sensitivity and understanding of Ekal Mission increases. I am better informed about the ground realities of our villages after interacting with these spirited lady volunteers who are so close to field working”.
Prof. Manjushree


State Bank of Travancore supports Ekal Vidyalaya

To support the activities of FTS and as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, the State Bank of Travancore has donated an amount of Rs.1,60,000/-(One lakh sixty thousand) towards sponsorship of 10 Ekal Schools in Kerala for this year. A cheque for this amount was handed over by Mr. V.G. Rajeev, Asst. General Manager (Regional Manager), SBT, Cochin to Mr. S.S. Agarwal, President of the Friends of Tribals Society, Cochin Chapter.


Raksha Bandhan celebration

As you know, Raksh Bandhan is the festival which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. This symbolizes the sister’s love and prayer for her brother's well-being, and the brother's lifelong vow to protect her. Smt. Sangita Gupta, Secretary EVFI celebrated Rakshabandhan festival with Ekal Karyakartas on July 28, 2012 at EVFI Office, Okhla, New Delhi. She tied Rakhi to all the Karyakartas present. Around 20 Karyakartas participated in this programme. 


Ashok Dasani from Dubai visits Ekal Vidyalaya

Sri Ashok Dasani from Dubai visited Ekal Vidyalaya at Alangandy Puthur village in Ooty Anchal (Tamilnadu) on 11.07.12. Sri Saravanan was the Acharya (Teacher) in this village. Around 22 children were present in the class. Sri Murugan, Cluster Co-ordinator accompanied the visitor to understand the concept of Ekal Vidyalaya. He was visiting Ekal Vidyalaya for the first time and was impressed with the work and concept.

He said “I was very happy to spend the evening at Ekal School with Sri Kanagraj, co-ordinator for Coimbatore. I had a opportunity to interact with the students. The school was well organized. Sri Sarvanan, the Acharya and Sri Murgan the cluster co-ordinator were actively participating in day to day working of the school”.


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