Newsletter August 2018

Robotics Boot Camp at Tuffs University

Exciting and inspiring was the Ekal Robotics Boot camp held at Tufts University recently. All credit goes to Ekal Youth Leader, Akash Kumar, who was well supported by his 'bot-brother', Abhishesk. Akash & Abishek did a brilliant job at the robotics camp, working through hands on session of bot building and programming for the same. Kids and adult participants got to work with Lego Mindstrom and EV3 kits to get a feel of the fascinating world of robotics. It was absolute fun to watch the excitement of the children to see their bots work as per their 'commands!'

Special thanks to EYL Nandini Seetharaman, Nikita Minocha, Vedanti and volunteer-leads, Latha Krishnan, Anuradha Upneja, Madhu Mathur Anand, Nisha John, Deepti. Sincere thanks to Prof. Anil Saigal for all his help with venue and EV3 kits. Ranjani ji, remains our guiding light.


Saksham Varg - Surat

Saksham Project, an initiative by Friends of Tribal Society (FTS), aims at skill development of the Karyalay Karyakartas who act as a link between the Acharyas and the office bearers at city level. Thus, acting as a bridge between the tribal life and the city life. Hence it becomes pertinent to Saksham, as the name suggests, focuses on developing necessary skills which tend to help our Karyalay Karyakartas.
11 Karyalay Pramukh comprising of six Anchals attended the programme between 18th and 27th of June 2018. During the programme, various subjects were taken up like Spoken English, Basic tools in Computer, Mobile phone applications, Motivational and Leadership skills, Yoga sessions, Musical instruments like keyboard and guitar was also taught. Also various Government Policies and Schemes were explained to help them reap the benefits of various schemes.
The karyakartas were very enthusiastic to learn something new. The karyakartas even acknowledged that in 10 days they learnt as much as a ten-month syllabus. The karyakartas even made notes of the lectures that will be useful to them in the coming future. This opportunity gifted the karyakartas with enormous experience share those lessons to the people staying there.


Ekal Vidyalaya's Children making a Green Tomorrow

Recently, the children of Ekal Vidyalaya Naranpur Sanch of Soyajigam village came together to plant tree saplings in their village. This little effort by them inspired the people of the village and taught them the significance of green earth and green environment.


Medical Project started in Midli Barman

There was lot of enthusiasm amongst the Arogya Prakalp workers as two days medical camp along with Arogya Sevika training was organised in Midli- Barman Sanch of Narsinghpur Anchal in Madhya Pradesh on 6th and 7th July 2018.

The Midli-Barman Sanch Arogya Prakalp Samity was duly constituted. Smt. Mithlesh Jat (a social worker) was nominated as Coordinator of the committee along with other members, Shri Bharat Goel, Shri Kamal Beohar, Shri Ramnarayan Sahu, and Shri Mukesh Sain. The members not only pledged to support the programme but also participated in the medical camp and training of Arogya Savikas.

Medical check-up of 140 patients was done on 6th and 7th and medicines were distributed for common ailments. In the training program the importance of hygiene and sanitation were emphasized.

In the closing ceremony Smt Mithlesh talked about the need of women improvement in Village and asked all the female workers not to get demotivated by the comments of their neighbours. She also suggested means to come out of inhibitions and emerge as leaders in the community.


Arogya Yojana Program at Coimbatore

On 16th and 17th July 2018, health awareness program at Coimbatore on ‘Managing Anemia and Malnutrition through Home Remedies’. The focus of this program is to bring change in people’s life style, food style and through usage of home remedies.

Two colleges were covered and around 450 adolescent girl students participated in the program.


Ekal Sansthan Study Circle Meet at Coimbatore

Ekal Sansthan's, Study Circle Meet on “Importance of Ethics and Value Education” was organized on 14th July 2018 at The Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Hall, Coimbatore.

Shri Bajrang Lal H. Bagra, Central Executive Committee President, Ekal Abhiyan, was the Chief Guest on the occasion, while Padmashri Dr. P. R. Krishna Kumarji, Managing Director, The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore Ltd and Chancellor Avinashilangam University, Coimbatore was the Guest of Honour.

Smt Manju Srivastava, National President and Trustee, Ekal Sansthan, India presented a very informative orientation on the vision, mission and activities of Ekal Abhiyan with emphasis on the role and initiatives of Ekal Sansthan.

Shri Bajrang Lal Bagra, gave an inspiring view about the Global concept of the Ekal Movement and its future plans of establishing informal schools in 100,000 villages by 2020.

Delivering the keynote address on the occasion, Padma Shri Dr Krishna Kumarji, stated that a gross erosion of ethics and values is witnessed in today’s society and a thought process to create a fresh and inspired generation who will take up working for the downtrodden society as their life goal has to be created. An Educational system that nurtures an environment to inculcate values, ethics and morals in students’ daily life and routine has to be evolved. Continuing further he said that it is not enough to encourage children to become a doctor, engineer, etc., but also teach them the right values to become a better human being.


A Selfless Service for Village People

Recently, Ekal Abhiyan had organized a training session for Ekal volunteers of a Sanch (a block of 30 Ekal Vidyalayas) in a village of Arunachal Pradesh, located near China Border. Ekal is now present in 240 villages of this state and empowering them with education and livelihood skills.


A tale of an Urban School Student in Rural Landscape

Raghav, a 15 year old boy, student of class 10th from International School of Hyderabad, visited many villages and tried to understand the village life. He also saw how the village people are working on different projects of Ekal like Poshan Vatika, Keet Naashak, Jaivik Khand, E- Shiksha, Wall Writing, etc. He liked the idea of wall writing, so he started doing himself. He enjoyed teaching, talking and playing with Ekal children.

He was pondering how he can contribute to the society, village children's progress and development. So, he organised a music fest in TharuJanjati village and wished to create a new western classic folk fusion.

Raghav is a role model for children in cities to get out of comfort zone and get connected with roots in the villages. We wish him a good luck and success in the future.


Esha Deol dance for Ekal fund raising

Ekal Abhiyan's Surat, FTS chapter conducted a fundraising program on 9th  June 2018 at Veer Narmada hall. Famous actress Esha Deol along with 50 performers including television personalities performed a dance ballet on Tulsidas Ramayan. Based on Tulasidas Ramayan the beautiful performance kept the audience spellbound till the end. The program was organized with the help of Heera group. The program was well attended and received.


Bharat Nirmaan Award

FTS received Prestigious Bharat Nirmaan Award in recognition of its exemplary contribution in the field of Education and Upliftment of Tribals.


Surat Mahila Samithi plans to help Unemployed Tribal Sisters

On 20th June 2018, Surat Mahila Samithi President Smt Vijaya Kokda, Vice president Smt Panna Agrawal, Treassurer Smt Padma Tulsiyan and Smt Sandhya Agrawal visited GRC Songadh.

Surat Mahila wing plays a major role in upliftment of tribals in GRC Songadh. They donated 5 new sewing machines to GRC Songadh and also a huge quantity of cloth was supplied by them to make cloth bags, which is much in demand nowadays as government is promoting them instead of plastic bags.
The trainers were supplied with papers in the initial stage to learn cutting. They were also taught to make paper bags and later provided with good thick paper to make paper carry bags.
They are also trying to get more sewing machines under government plans for the needy sister in the tribal belt.


Annual Ekal Study Circle Meet 2018

On 30th June 2018, the Annual Ekal Study Circle Meet was held at New Delhi. Based on the theme ‘Agriculture for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods’, the meet was extremely informative and successful. It was divided into two sessions - Inaugural and Panel Discussion. In the inaugural session, the Report of Ekal Sansthan was released.

In the other session - the keynote speaker Dr. Vandana Shiva (International Indian Scientist, Philosopher, Environmentalist, Author and Social Activist) focused on natural farming techniques and its advantages. The other two eminent panelist Dr. Deen Mohammad Khan (DHO Officer in Department of Horticulture, Gurugram) and Shri Raj Nehru (Vice Chancellor, Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University) spoke on “Role of horticulture in creating better rural livelihoods’ and ‘Skill for creating livelihood through agriculture’ respectively.


FTS Bangalore, Ekal on Wheels

On 16th July, 2018, Shri Bajrang Bagra representing Ekal Gramothan Foundation and Shri Bharat C. Shekhar representing Yahoo Employee Foundation India signed MoU to provide first Ekal on Wheel (Digital Van) for Karnataka through FTS Bangalore Chapter.


Rath Donation

Sadhuram Bansal Foundation donated the RATH at the inauguration of Sawan Mela (camp) at Baba Dham (Deogarh).  Shri Sajan Ji Bansal, Shri Subhas Murarka were also present.


Vanayatra to Ekal village in Ramajipalle

On 3rd July 2018, Shri Ishaan Desai along with 3 others visited Meddak in Ramajipalle near Hyderabad in Telangana. They were well received and greeted by the villagers. They planted a neem and then visited a temple. The students were gathered there and they recited slokhas. After slokha the students showcased their talents. This included multiplication tables, numbers in various languages, songs and dances to many spiritual songs. The best part was a skit in which they displayed the valor and patriotism of Chhatrapati Shivaji, Alluri Sitarama Raju, Subhash Chandra Bose and Gandhiji. The kids’ excitement was beyond bounds when handing out the pencils and pens to them.
It was amazing to see the children learn not only about math and science but also our rich cultural heritage with such few resources.


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