Newsletter December 2011

Fund Raising

‘Let us be part of something [EV Movement] that is destined to happen’ - DC Ekal Chapter Raises Funds for nearly 100 Ekal Schools during August 2004 advisory board meeting with Dr. Modi and Dr. Tariyal.


Youth For Seva (YFS) - Expanding Horizons

A sapling grows into a giant tree. A small larva unfolds into a beautiful butterfly. A tiny bud blooms into a fragrance lending flower. A gentle stream of river water merges with the mighty waves of the ocean. Change, growth, movement, expansion is the law of nature. Youth For Seva, Kolkata followed this law and our dream became reality. The ALL INDIA YOUTH MEET was held on 14th & 15th August 2004, at the Youth Hostel, Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata. And we are proud to declare that today Youth For Seva is a national movement.

106 delegates from 17 cities across the country gathered to give voice to the youth resolve for fighting the menace of tribal illiteracy. Our guardian figures at the Meet included Ma. Shyamji Gupt and Smt. Manjushree. Dr. K. Subramanium, a renowned authority on Swami Vivekanand graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour.

The YFS working was demonstrated through a series of PowerPoint and CDs presentations in three distinct sessions on Youth Awareness Activities, School Working and Ekal Tours. Moreover interaction, amusement, yoga sessions characterized the two day meet. Following the dictum that actions speak louder than words, YFS Kolkata Chapter members presented a play 'Do Kadam Aakash' at Gyan Manch on the evening of 15th August. The emotive appeal of the play highlighting the importance of tribal literacy touched the hearts of all. ----- (report by a YFS member)


Nasik Chapter of FTS inaugurated

The ninth chapter of Friends of Tribals Society (FTS) was inaugurated on the 7th of August,2004 in the presence of the national President of FTS, Shri R.L.Kabra, Shri Shyam ji Gupt, Shri M.L.Jain and other national level workers. With the opening of this chapter, Friends of Tribals Society is taking giant strides in spreading its ideology to a large section of the society in all regions of the country. With the news of the inauguration of the nasik chapter we are pleased to inform you about the preparation to inaugurate the tenth chapter in Jabalpur in October this year. The opening of a new chapter indicates the coming together of a whole set of people, joining their efforts towards achieving the common goal of education of the forgotten children of our motherland. It is through the combined effort of everyone that we hope to eradicate illiteracy from our country. Best wishes to the members of the new chapter!


Knowledge Workshop

The presentation given by Shyamji Gupta was very informative, heart provoking and inspiring. It gives a true perspective and mission of this project" - Shyamji successfully holds a series of knowledge workshop in several regions of USA. A report and comments by some attendees


Ekalvidya website

The new Ekal Website or incorporates a host of features not available on the earlier site. We propose to get you acquainted with its numerous features one by one through a regular column on the Ekal News. One of the features is a page for each of the areas which would contain all the information of that area, regarding forthcoming events, reports of previous events, pictures and local contact information. This page can be viewed by clicking on the \'Support Us\' link on the home page of the website and going to the link: \'In Your Area\'. You could then choose the region of your choice from the menu to get the desired information.


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