Newsletter January 2015

‘Flavors of India’ Ekal Mela in Dubai

On Friday 14th of November 2014 Ekal Mela called ‘FLAVOURS OF INDIA’ was conducted in Dubai. It was a mix of music, dance, fun, culture, entertainment and service.

A unique theme of a dance competition by 95 children below 16 years of age who displayed the vibrant heritage and cultural flavor of different states of India and the winner of the competition was Kerala Team. Shri Harshad R Mehta, Chairman of the support group heartily congratulated all for the success of the program which was bigger and better. He was very happy at the enthusiasm of the children and announced a surprise gift of AED 2000 for each team which was appreciated.

The Ekal Souvenir was launched by the chief guest Shri Anurag Bhushan, Consul General of India to UAE. The chief guest in his moving speech highlighted the importance of education and how it can make the world a fair and just place. He further stated that the conflicts in most parts of the world are due to the fact that sunshine of literacy has not penetrated in those regions.

Guests of Honor included film celebrity Ms. Asha Parekh, Dr. Juma Al Matrooshi, Mr. Deepak Vohra, and Mr. Narendra Jain of Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad. Dr. Juma announced that the next Ekal cricket event will be held in Silicon Oasis ground.


Parinam Kumbh, Dhanbad

  • Last Kumbh's photo
  • Last Kumbh's photo
  • Last Kumbh's photo
  • Last Kumbh's photo

Ekal is organizing the Parinam Kumbh in Dhanbad and the schedule of the Fifth Ekal Khumb is given below. We invite you to participate in this prestigious event of Ekal.


Following is the schedule of the Fifth Ekal Khumb;  


March 1, 2015

Morning - 10.30 AM  

Inauguration of an Ekal Exhibition (Ekal Pradarshani) which will be a showcase of the work of Ekal Movement, in last 25 years, in the villages across India.


Afternoon - 2.30 - 5.00 PM - Public Meeting

About 50,000 village committee members of one-teacher-school (OTS) villages of Jharkhand will be present on the occasion.


Pushpanjali Program - 6.30 PM - Jyoti Bhawan

Pushpanjali to Late Sri MadanLal  Agrawala, Founder Member, Ekal Abhiyan.

Participants coming from all over the places, numbering around 2000, will offer their Pushpanjali to him, and would be followed by a dinner for chapter members both from India and abroad.


March 2, 2015

Session 1                                           

Inaugural session of Parinam Kumbh.

Samman to the outstanding Ekal Karyakartas


Session 2nd, 3rd & 4th               

Technical Sessions


Session 5 - (During the night)                                                               

Sambhag wise informal meeting of respective chapter and committee members.



3 March 2015

Session 6 & 7   

Technical Session


Session 8

Valedictory Session


Note: All the technical sessions will have, Anubhav Kathan (Success Story), and would be presented by grassroots workers covering five dimensions of Ekal Abhiyan. Introduction to all these five dimensions will be given in the technical sessions.


Special features of the Parinam Kumbh

·         All grassroots workers will share their Anubhav Kathan, anyone can interact and know the Parinam done by him in the village/s.

·         All the Anubhav Kathan will be published in a book and circulated to all participants of the Kumbh at the time of registration.

Only organic meal will be available in Parinam Kumbh.


Arogya Program in Dharmapuri

Recently, media reported that there was huge death of Infants in the Dharmapuri district of Tamilnadu. Around 400 infants (Just born) died in the last six months.


As per the opinion of Dr. Srinivasan, Tamilnadu State Nodal Officer, Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, “Most women do not take folic acid and iron tablets given at primary health centers, and it becomes difficult for the village health nurses to monitor them.” (‘The Hindu’ news paper, 19th Nov).


Based on the experience and the success of Anemia Intervention Program in Coimbatore, EVFI, Coimbatore had launched this program in 42 villages of Harur Taluk, Dharmauri District by selecting 8 women from Harur Taluk. The program was launched on 22nd December 2015 and it is progressing well and as per the expectation.


The cost of this activity will be taken care by the Arogya Foundation.


The team is confident that with their working they can save the lives of many children and mothers in future.


Blankets distributed

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India, Jammu & Kashmir, had arranged a program in Panjar & Migrant Camp and distributed blankets, shirts and trousers and solar kits to men, women and children in Panjar and Kasuri Camp. Everyone in the camp was very happily.



Mahila Samethi Indore arranged a vanyatra program which was started by prayer on Maa Saraswathi followed by a welcome speech by Smt. Saraswathi Maheswari. Changes brought to these villages by education were also discussed and they said that the children here are in par with children studying in public schools.

On 23th November, 2014, 20 member team including prominent Doctors from Indore visited Ekal vidyalaya in Khandva anchal’s Chirakhana village. The Acharya started the class of 30 children with chanting of Gayatri mantra and saraswathi vandhana.

The visitors were very much impressed by the pre bhojan mantra  by the children and also their awareness on health. Sri Dilip Vadiya informed the visitors that the villagers are not exposed to any kind of drugs. Two children Rohit and Arthi wanted to join Ekal as teachers after completing their studies.

The visiting team was very happy and after having food with the villagers and children the visitors left the village with fond memories.


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