Newsletter June 2010

Ekal Global Learning 2010

You are aware that Ekal is conducting Ekal Global Learning (EGL) tour for the last 3 years. It is an annual programme specially designed for NRI office bearers and volunteers of Ekal Movement to help them personally experience ground realities of Ekal work.

Plan 1 18th to 20th Jammu region only

Plan 2 18th to 23rd Jammu and Leh

Plan 3 18th to 25th Jammu, Leh, and sightseeing

It has been meticulously planned to enable the participants compact and 'on the spot' learning of Ekal Systems.
What to Expect

  • Visit to Ekal villages
  • Interaction with Acharya and children
  • Interaction with Gram Samiti, Sanch Samiti, Anchal Samiti and Chapter members
  • Interaction with Village Defence Committee members
  • Participating in Sindhu Darshan festival at Leh

About Jammu and Kashmir

  • Ekal Vidyalaya Started in the year 2003
  • Currently we have 2085 Ekal Vidyalayas
  • Most difficult Himalayan terrain                 



Arjun Mathur from U.S. Unveils the Charity of RICE Club for Ekal Schools

My brother, Tarun, and I lived in China and India before moving to Florida and were exposed to poverty firsthand.  India, with over 200 million illiterate people offers a daunting task. Tarun and I felt that illiteracy was the primary cause of the lack of economic mobility. While attending an Ekal Vidyalaya charity event in 2006, we were inspired to form the RICE (Removing Illiteracy by Collective Education) club which supports Ekal by contributing money to run its schools. During my vacation in Delhi two years ago, I spent time learning about the Ekal organization. I visited a camp where Acharyas (teachers) were being trained to run schools and learned about the structure of the organization. I also visited a school in Faridabad and was utterly impressed by the standard of education and the intelligence of the children. I left feeling more motivated than ever to do my best to help these children.
Activities this year
This year we continued selling Chik-Fil-A in the school, but the sales tax rules changed somewhat and we have not been able to match the profits from last year. However, we were determined to exceed last year’s collections for funding 8 schools.
As described in our previous report from April 7, 2010, we had at that time collected enough money for four schools and had set a goal to collect another 5 by the end of the year.  I am happy to announce that we were able to exceed our goal and have collected money for another 6 schools, creating a total of 10 for the 2009-2010 school year. Three of the schools were generously donated by private individuals, we made a net profit of $477 selling Chick-Fil-A at school, and in April, I competed in an International science competition in Houston, Texas called I-SWEEEP, where I won $600 in prize money placing second in the Engineering category. I have decided to donate the entire amount to Ekal. My dad gave the remaining money to make another 3 schools. Over the past 5 years, the RICE Club has contributed a total of $15,330 to start 42 schools and educate over 1,400 children.
Plans for next year
Although we were able to accomplish our immediate goal, our quest does not cease until that of Ekal Vidyalaya does. As a committed organization, RICE continues to work hard to increase our output. One way we plan to do this is by spreading RICE nationally. A few children have shown willingness to open RICE clubs in their respective schools. Additionally, as I will be graduating at the end of next year, I have started working on developing a successor to ensure that RICE Club lives on at Lake Highland.
-Arjun Mathur


Ekal Students Celebrate Annual Day in Tamil Nadu

The Ekal students of Cuddalore & Ramanathgapuram celebrated Annual day in their schools with great enthusiasm. The specialty of the event was that all the children performed Pada Pooja, worshipping the feet of the parents.


FTS Chennai Mahila Team Organizes a Summer Camp

Ladies Circle-1 of Chennai Chapter organized a summer camp from 3rd to 8th May. Great efforts were taken to publicize this camp and almost all the leading newspapers and the local area newspapers had a mention about this summer camp. Flyers were also distributed.

This summer camp was attended by 43 students of which 4 children were from our Ekal School, Cuddalore. These 4 children along with a full time volunteer stayed at the residence of Mrs. Lata Malpani, the chairperson of FTS-Ladies Circle-1. The activities of the camp were Personality Development, Western Dance, Arts n Crafts, Origami, make wealth from waste (conducted by the members of Circle-1), First- aid, Visit to cake factory, Pool-party (At Mrs. Damani's residence). All the activities were conducted by professionals from respective fields who volunteered for the cause. The camp was enjoyed thoroughly by all the children and the members.


Lakshmanan from Mumbai Narrates his Experience of a Van Yatra

During the expedition to visit Ekal Vidyalaya in Jammu region, one could guess the risk factors, not only of the militancy but of the treacherous weather and roads. During my 10 days visit I had the experience of hot, rain, snow-fall land slide, accident etc…
I went by bike to visit schools in the Bhardwha, Kishtwar and Doda Anchals which are about 200 km away from Jammu. These are situated between Jammu and Kashmir. In some places, the other side of the mountain is Himachal Pradesh. The Kishtwar and Doda were once known as DEN of Militancy. The villages are situated at the foot of hills, in the middle of the mountains as well as on the top, say about zero meters from foot of hill to 3000 meters hill top. Bhardwha is also called as Mini Kashmir.
On 17th of April-2010, I reached Bhadrwha Anchal in the afternoon by bike from Jammu. It was a continuous 7 hours journey of up and down terrain ride at the top edge of the mountains. One side is mountain scaling from 1000 and more meters height and the other side is valley, depth equals to the heights. The maximum width of the National Highways No-1 between Jammu and Kashmir is 7 to 10 meters. About the State ways it is mostly 5 meters and in some places even less. One would come across Pakka Roads and Mud roads. Not to talk about roads leading to nearer and interior villages. It is very dangerous. One has to walk to the villages situated in the middle of the mountains for hours.
I was taken to nearby village, Lower Bheja, half an hour ride by Bike from Bhadrawha, which was at the foot of a big mountain, the cap was covered by snow. The village is surrounded by waves of mountains by three sides. There are two other Ekal schools just across the mountain. After 3 to 4 hours walk only one can reach one of the said schools and to the other school, which is just at the opposite side of the mountain, one has to cross the valley and climb for 3 hours. The Up-Sanch Pramukh is a family lady, mother of two children ageing between 5 to 8 years. The schools run in the evening time. It is not possible for her to return home on the same day. After the Ekal school visit, she stays there at the school village. She visits all the ten schools twice in a month
I have visited 3 Schools in Bhadrwah Anchal, 4 Schools in Kishtwar Area and one school in Doda Area.
At three places during my visit, I had to walk on an average of 8 (eight) Kms. So many things have come to my knowledge after I visited very few schools in Jammu region.


Ekal updates - Ekal Vidyalaya

Current: Number of Ekal Schools: 32,227 Number of Children: 966,810


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