Newsletter June 2021

Message from Ekal Abhiyan CEO Shri Bajrang Bagra

Dear Ekalites,
Our organisation together with the whole nation has been put to test once again, within a short span of time. The second wave of Covid pandemic has impacted villages in a significant manner, presenting a formidable challenge to Ekal. As usual, Ekal with its wide and deep reach in countryside equipped, with a large service-oriented volunteer force, has risen again to respond the call.
Following steps have been taken swiftly, pushing the organisation into action:
  • GRCs and Skill Centresat 29 locations being converted into Ekal Seva Kendras, the Covid Support Centres with a total of 250 beds. 5 centres with 50 beds already in operations. Remaining to be gradually opened and by 18th May all will be in full operation.  These centres are equipped with basic diagnostic tools, Oxygen Concentrators and Para medic staff.
  • Helpline Callcentres ready and operational in 23 states for telemedicine help in regional languages, 400 doctors have registered to help free of charge, through a Toll-Free number.
  • Providing food and basic medicine recommended by doctors through telemedicine at Covid support centres.
  •  Running Vaccine centres in collaboration with local Governments.
  • Diagnostic support with 6,300 Oximeters 6,300 Thermometers in villages, mobilising Ekal teachers, volunteers and local youth.
  • Proactively countering misinformation on viral spread and vaccine safety.
  • Manufacturing and distributing face masks at Women Empowerment Centres training women in tailoring.
  • Sadly, we have lost 6 operation Karyakartas in the line of duty to Covid. Starting an endowment to support their families.
  • Working with other Non-profit organisations like Seva Bharti, Sewa International, Mission Oxygen etc. to provide support.
The above are in addition to awareness drive for preventive methods to enhance immunity like use of Kadha recommended by Ministry of Ayush, Yoga and Pranayama exercises, use of masks and maintaining safe distance. The ladies from cities and towns have been contributing a lot in this awareness drive.
The chapters abroad, USA and Canada in particular, have come forward to lend a supporting hand since very beginning, in addition to raising resources locally.
We together will meet the challenge to put the villages and the nation back to normalcy.


To fight Covid - 19, Ekal Seva Kendras (ESK), were inaugurated at 5 locations in India on 12th May, 2021

All the centers are fully equipped with
  • A Paramedical staff
  • Sweeper
  • One Seva vrati karyakarta
  • Required Medicines
  • Prescribed food
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Flasks for hot water
  • Electri water kettle
  • Steamer or Vaporiser.
  • PPE kits
  • Gloves
  • Sanitisers
  • N 95 and surgical masks.
  • BP machines
  • Oxymeter
  • Others as per need

The 5 centers and their contact details are
  1. GRC, Duma,Deoghar Shri Suraj Raj - 9122972648, Shri Ranjan kumar - 8340213085
  2. GRC, Giridih, Shri Pradip Jain - 9431144311, Shri Vijay Singh - 9934508002, Shri Mrityunjay kumar - 9507069579
  3. GRC Karanjo, Shri Manoj Bhageria - 9934396150, Shri Satish Agarwal - 7903703587, Shri Dinesh Pradhan - 8540994558
  4. GRC Jharsugura, Shri Ashok Gandhi - 9437054509, Shri Pankaj das - 9556592519, 8249679624
  5. GRC Jarangloi, Shri Dinesh Bajaj - 9437083216, Shri Lalmohan Mahato- 1389993151, 7004030477


Ekal Seva Kendra, Songarh


Ekal Seva Kendra, G.R.C. Dumma, Jharkhand


Ekal Seva Kendra, G.R.C. Jharangloi, Odisha


Ekal Seva Kendra, G.R.C.Jharshuguda, Odisha


Ekal Seva Kendra, G.R.C. Khandoli (Giridih), Jharkhand


Ekal Seva Kendra, G.R.C. Karanja, Jharkhand


Wall posters for Vaccination


Distribution of Handbills on Vaccination


Ekal work in media


Awareness posts


Wall writing


Ekal's fight against Covid wave 2

statistics as on 22-5-2021

Arogya Helpline:
Incoming calls:1726
Completed calls: 967
Patient Supervision through Video Conference: 941

Ekal Sewa Kendra (ESK), the Corona Isolation Centres:
No. of Centres set up: 22 in states of Assam, Odisha, Jharkhand, UP, MP & Gujarat

Capacity created: 165 Beds

Patients under Treatment in ESK:
Admissions: 32
Recovered/Transferred: 21

Mask Making and Distribution:
Women Empowerment Centers engaged: 5 in states of Jharkhand, UP & MP.
Masks made: 43,260
Masks Distributed: 27,205

Awareness Program:
Helpline reach:  2,22,695 villages
Number of posters and handbills: 3,93,103
Wall Writing: 1,09,743 Villages

Supporting Govt. Efforts:
Vaccination Centre started at GRC, Tinsukia (Assam). 724 people have been vaccinated.


200 Pandemic cases successfully handled by EKAL FUTURE, Dhanbad, (as on 17/05/2021)

Ekal Future (an initiative of Ekal Abhiyan) has played a key role in fighting and combating the 2nd wave of COVID-19 Pandemic. Ekal Future has used its vast network of volunteers and its reach among masses to help government control the spread of the virus by propagating government advisories by educating people about hygienic practices and helping the affected in getting best available medical facilities.

The volunteers helped in facilitating and arranging Oxygen Cylinders, Ambulance, Blood, Oxygen Beds, ICU beds, Ventilator Beds, medicines etc in government or private hospitals for more than 200 Corona positive patients.


Ekal Yuva, Kolkata joins the fight against Covid

Ekal Yuva, Kolkata started with quarantine/isolation centres, free food delivery to Covid positive homes and isolated families and have successfully delivered approximately 1500 meals in only 12 days.


Oxygen on Wheels

A team of 4 organizations including FTS of Ekal Abhiyan, have organized a Free Oxygen on wheels and now launched 2 more buses in partnership with KSRTC on 17/05/2021, one bus will be stationed in Chickballapur and 2nd bus in an Ekal Jigani side.This initiative was possible with the active support of  Shri Shivayogi Kalasad, IAS,  Managing Director KSRTC.  Oxygen Concentrators and Oxygen Cylinders were installed in the bus. About 7 to 8 patients can utilize the service at a time for about 2 to 4 hours, Monitoring will be done by staff and medical personnel. The organizers thank sponsors - advocate Shri Srinivasa Rao, Pride Group, Prince System, Sharp Ply, Inner wheel club of Bangalore and North junction for jointly sponsoring these two buses. This seva is free and will benefit patients waiting for beds outside hospitals and also patients who were advised to stay at home.


Awareness creatives


Immunity boosters - Kada distribution


Mask manufacturing and distribution


Vaccination centre, Tinsukia


Wall writing


Ekal in Media


Ekal's fight against Covid wave 2

statistics as on 27-5-2021

Arogya Helpline:
Incoming calls: 2246
Completed calls: 1269
Patient Supervision through Video Conference: 992

Ekal Sewa Kendra (ESK), the Corona Isolation Centres:
No. of Centres set up: 25 in states of Assam, Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, UP, MP, Maharashtra & Gujarat

Capacity created: 195 Beds
Mask Making and Distribution:
Women Empowerment Centers engaged: 6 in states of Jharkhand, UP & MP
Masks made: 50,646
Masks Distributed: 33,486

Awareness Program:
Helpline reach: 3,38,164 villages
Number of posters and handbills: 7,41,179
Wall Writing: 1,63,304 Villages

Supporting Government Efforts:
2 Vaccination Centres started at GRC Tinsukia (Assam) & GRC Devghar (Jharkhand). 724 people have been vaccinated so far


Ekal team is coordinating and helping Seva Bharti team at 18 Covid care centres in Delhi. One such centre is Kakrola Isolation Centre.


Ekal Belgaum's new Covid Isolation Centre

Ekal Abhigyan, Belgaum along with 3 other organizations started COVID isolation center with 15 beds with oxygen support, 48 beds without oxygen support and with 24/7 doctors and nurses, on 9th may. They have treated 110 patients so far,


Ekal Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad, East Delhi Chapter, dispatched medicine, oximeter, infrared thermometer, face shield, etc. to 6 Anchals (Udham Singh Nagar, Khatima, Almora, Bageshwar, Champawat, Pithoragarh) of Uttrakhand on 26th May 2021


Impressive work by Ekal team, Bangalore

Ekal Youth Wing, Bangalore has initiated a project to distribute 2000 packets of groceries to middle class families who cannot ask for any help from anyone since they value their self esteem. They planned to have 15 delivery points in all over Bangalore and a team of 4 members will be assigned in each delivery point to make the delivery. Apart from this, the Bangalore team - FTS Chapter, Mahila Samithi and Youth Wing, conducted below mentioned activities in Bangalore -
1) Oxygen on Wheel drive
2) Plasma Donation drive (After the government decided to stop Plasma donation, this activity was stopped)
3) Blood donation drive
4) Ekal Aahaar- free groceries distribution for people in need
5) Ekal Protection - Mask, sanitizer, water bottle to front-line warriors (Police department)
6) Ekal Covid-19 vaccination drive
7) Gaon bachao, Desh bachao- medical kits distribution in the village of Karnataka


ESK Machgar


ESK Malda


ESK Prayagraj


ESK Wada


Ekal in media


Ekal's fight against Covid wave 2

statistics as on 05-06-2021

Arogya Helpline:
Incoming calls: 2,688
Completed calls: 1,567
Patient Supervision through Video Conference: 1.022

Ekal Sewa Kendra (ESK), the Corona Isolation Centres:
No. of Centres set up: 25 in states of Assam, Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, UP, MP, Maharashtra and Gujarat

Capacity created: 210 Beds
Mask Making and Distribution:
Women Empowerment Centers engaged: 9 in states of Assam, Jharkhand, UP, MP and Rajasthan
Masks made: 69,790
Masks Distributed: 50,658

Awareness Program (till 30 May):
Helpline reach: 4,82,687 villages
Number of posters and handbills: 9,95,833
Wall Writing: 2,21,156 Villages

Supporting Government Efforts:
2 Vaccination Centres started at GRC Tinsukia (Assam) and GRC Devghar (Jharkhand). 964 people have been vaccinated so far
1 Covid Test Centre started at GRC Tinsukia (Assam). 234 people have been tested and 3 found positive


Ekal Abhiyan - Pathankot


Vaccination drive for 240 people at ESK, Tinsukia together with Marwari Yuva Manch, on May 31, 2021


Preventive medicine given for 693 villagers comprissing 7 villages by Ekal Abhiyan, Wayanad, Kerala


Mask, sanitizer and ration distribution by Ekal Abiyan, Kashi


Masks distributed through village committees by Ekal Abhiyan Friends of Tribal Society, Brajmandal


Medicines distributed at 4 places of Kathau by Ekal Abhiyan, Jammu


Free Meals distributed for 2000 Quarantined Covid positive patients and families by Ekal Abhiyan, Kolkata along with the support of Hotel Haveli and Hotel Dee Empresa


Herbal Kadha and mask distribution by Ekal Abhiyan Virudhachalam, Tamilnad


Oximeter and thermometer distribution at Ekal Abhiyan GRC Songarh


Vaccination drive by Ekal Abhiyan, Bengaluru


Ekal in Media


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