Newsletter March 2016

National Excellance Award for EVFI from ASSOCHAM

ASSOCHAM organized National Excellence AWARDS 2016 - “Role of Higher Education in Leveraging Indian Innovation Ecosystem & National Excellence Awards” on 17th February, 2016 at Hotel Le-Meridien, New Delhi. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation Of India was honored with “Excellence Award” for the year 2016. Award was received by Sh. Ravi Dev Ji on behalf of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of India.


SUCCESS STORY - Rural Entrepreneurship Module in GMY Dairy & Organic farming - a low cost micro project for Self-Reliance

Swarn Mitra Parija is a resident of a village near Cuttack. Her husband Sri. Pradeep Swain was working as Incharge of Gram Vikas, Ekal Abhiyan in 2005-06. Being acquainted with the technique, he built up one Organic Compost Bed in his own house. But he himself being busy in organisational tour, his wife Mrs. Parija had to take care of the compost pit. She soon picked up the technique and extended the work with the help of cow dung & cow urine produced by the 3 cows in the house. Besides compost & Keet Niyantrak, she started making Go-ark, Agarbatti, Toothpaste & Phenyle etc. from cow urine. She grew a nutritional garden in her backyard. This provided plentiful & tasty fruits & vegetables of different varieties for home consumption. Soon she embarked upon Bee-keeping, Mushroom growing as well as an Earthworm Hatchery.
As her activities increased, her income increased to several thousands per month which enabled her to stay satisfactorily in the village. She became a prominent and inspiring figure in the area. People from many circles - govt. & non-govt. nearby visited to see her achievements.
Soon her performance and popularity made her the Secretary of around 365 SHGs in block, inspiring and guiding the female folk to adopt organic farming, nutritional garden and dairy practices to empower themselves socially and financially, removing permanently the scourge of malnutrition, rampant in the area.
Now the success story of Smt. Parija speak aloud about the significance of her low cost micro-project involving mini dairy, organic compost, nutritional garden and organic farming as a potent means of empowering rural communities including the female folk in terms of financial self-reliance and self health promotion and care.


Ekal team with Modi ji

Ekal Delegation consisting of Sri Bajrang Bagra, Sri Laxmi Goel, Sri Subhash Agarwal, Sri Praveen Arya, Sri Naresh Jain, Sri Ramesh Shah, Sri  Hasmukh shah, Sri Sajjan Bhajjanka, Sri Sajjan Bansal and Sri Ramesh Saraogi, met Prime Minister and briefed him about the activities of Ekal Abhiyan. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi took keen interest in Ekal Model and appreciated the work at grassroots. He emphasized the need of technological intervention to ensure reach and efficiency.


Ekal Youth Leader - Nikita Minocha, from Boston, visit ‘Ekal Vidyalayas’ in India

Nikita Minocha has been volunteering for the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA for over three years now. During her recent India trip, she got an opportunity to closely watch the exemplary work being done by the organization. When she visited Samarpada and Chuli villages,  in Gujarat, she was moved by the traditional practices of the villagers even at current times. She witnessed the typical days’ program at a Vidyalaya and also danced with the children!
In her own words, she says, “I have never seen happier children, who are genuinely excited to learn. Their joy for dancing has brightened my own knowledge of life. Education is their step to an optimistic future and to understand the world. The villages share an appreciation for this basic knowledge, opening the door to many opportunities. Even without the most materialistic things, the children are content with what they are given and look forward to school every day. Each kid helps at home or in the fields, just a part of their routine…the children wish to help the country, which I believe is something very special. I am touched to see their spirits so high and hearts open. After volunteering for Ekal, I am now able to see the transformation this organization can make. Education is powerful and represents change—change for equality, justice, and love, besides being a means for humans to excel. Words are only a small expression to capture my visit, something so unique that others would have to experience it for themselves. The next time you travel to India, I strongly recommend taking an ‘EkalVanayatra’ (”


Vanyatra by Trisha

Trisha with her parents visited Tardoho village in West Bengal. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for her. They were watching the routine class and enjoying the dance of the little children. Trisha says, “Ratna Kakima (Kakima means "aunt" in Bengali) showed us the drawings or clay art that the students do every week. She explained her monthly training for Ekal; in fact, she had just gotten back from the last session of the year. At the end, I explained to them how I had gotten involved with Ekal. Upon hearing about my arangetram, the children wanted to see me dance. I showed them a very short piece from one of my dances!”
“We were thoroughly impressed with the discipline, respectfulness, and eagerness the students, even the youngest ones, showed. Overall, the Vanyatra was heartwarming. We definitely plan to visit again and other Ekal schools in our coming trips to India. I will definitely be telling my friends, relatives, and BAGA members to have their own visit. I would be happy to do anything else to get the word out about the Vanyatra.”


Vanyatra by guests from China to Ekal, Jabalpur

Guests from china visited Ekal Vidyalayas in Jabalpur recently and were highly impressed by the working of Ekal schools. They informed that they too have such type of system in china and that the team leader himself had studied in such a school!


Vanyatra by FTS Jabalpur

On 30th Jan, 2016 FTS Jabalpur chapter conducted a vanyatra and health awareness camp in the village of Maili Narayanganj. Dr Sri G P Panday and Dr Sri Agrawal did medical checkup for nearly 250 villagers.


Vanyatra by Durthi Patel

Smt Durthi Patel and her husband from US visited Neriyapuram and Perappati villages of Kodaikaanal, Tamilnadu on 29th December, 2015. They were quite impressed with the class schedule and program. They were very much appreciative of the spirit of the teachers and students and promised their continued support to Ekal.


Vanyatra by Adish Jain

Adish Jain, Ritesh Singh and Ritla, IIT Delhi, Vandit Agarwal, Manipal went on a vanyatra to Bahadurpur Ekal Vidyalaya in Haryana.
The children showed their skills in addition & subtraction. Then each of the visiting team members had one to one interaction with the villagers present.


Vanyatra by FTS, Nagpur

FTS, Nagpur went on a vanyatra to Pandharvani village of Gondia Anchal recently.


Ekal learning yatra

Ekal Sansthan Mumbai organised Ekal Learning Yatra for the people who became volunteers with Ekal recently. During the visit they met with children at Ekal Vidyalaya and also seen some of rural development activities carried out under Ekal Abhiyan.


Ekal Bangalore in Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair

FTS, Bangalore participated in a 5 day (09-13 Dec. 2015) Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair (HSSF) organized at National College Ground, Bangalore. More than 200 reputed NGOs and other social organizations participated in the fair. FTS Bangalore showcased various Ekal Vidyalaya activities to make people aware about Ekal movement. Ekal Karyakarta kept Vermi Compost, Jute Mat and Jute Ganesha made by Ekal Acharyas for sale which became very popular in the fair. Chikkamagaluru anchal Acharyas and students got the opportunity to perform cultural dance program in large public gathering. All students and Acharyas were felicitated by HSSF, Bangalore. Sri Anil Kumar, Ekal South Zone Coordinator and Sri Adrushya, Ekal Karnataka Sambhag Pramukh presented short video about working of Ekal movement and its education system. Visitors highly appreciated the work of Ekal and were excited to be part of the movement. The office bearers volunteered to be present at stall and explained visitors about Ekal Movement. Many visitors were inspired and made spot donation for Ekal schools.


Sanch Sammelon, Tezpur

Theamora Sanch of Tezpur, organized Sanch Sammelon. A colorful rally and public meeting was held on Jan 7th, 2016. Assam Human Rights Council Director, Dr Parashmoni Sinha, Assam Tea Tribes Association District President, Sri Krishna Kamal Tanti and many esteemed guests participated in the event.


Prabhat pheri

The first Prabhat pheri (procession) of Swachch Bharat ABHIYAN in Sondimra village of Gola Sanch of Ramgarh in Jharkhand was organized recently. Dr Hasmukh Shah, from Chicago, Sri Ramesh Shah, Houston, Dr Haresh Shah, Gujarat, Sri Lallan Sharma, Sah Abhiyan Pramukh, Dr Mukul Bhatia & Dr Shantiprakash participated.


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