Newsletter May 2005

Karyakarta Kumbh : A historical event.

A new Chapter of History began at Indore, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, on 22nd April 2005.

Three thousand five hundred full time Karyakartas (all Vanvasi) of the Ekal Vidyalaya Movement from 23 states of India, gathered in Indore for this Three Day Kumbh. They were joined by another 500 Karyakartas of Seva Bharati, Indore, Area Coordinating Committees of Ekal Vidyalaya and Chapter committees of Friends of Tribals Society

All the outstation karyakartas were hosted at 2,000 different homes, staying with the families as a family member. The main events, and sessions were held at the sprawling venue of Malhar Ashram, Rambag. The sessions started at 9 am and continued upto 6 pm. The lunch arrangement of 4,000 Karyakartas was taken care of by 8,000 families which supplied fresh Rotis/Chapatis collected by Karyakartas, everyday. Infact, 20,000 families of Indore got involved directly or indirectly in running the whole show.


Inauguration : Great honour to Vanvasis

It was like a dream come true. First of all, an exclusive exhibition of Pictures, Posters and Charts on multiple activities of EVM in tribal villages of India was inaugurated by Ms. Hewti Boro, an EV Teacher (selected in ‘Top-Ten’ list) of Karbi-Anglong Anchal, Assam on 22nd April at 10 am

Immediate after, Ms. Chandramati Uraon, Prant Arogya Pramukh of Jharkhand was seated on the big dias of the Sabha Manch along with two great saints Ma. Ashokji Singhal and Swami Satyamitranand, the founder member of Bharat Mata Mandir of Haridwar. Thousands of people witnessed the auspicious moment when Ms Chandramati Uraon (Tribal) inaugurated the Kumbh.

Both the vanvasi Lady Karyakartas of EVM have credentials of being dedicated to the service of nation. They were blessed by Swamiji and Shri Ashokji.

"Ekal Vidyalaya Yojana is beyond any doubt and debate. It has been even accepted by extremist forces or insurgent elements, because in this scheme selfless service is given to the society by dedicated local Karyakartas. The scheme guarantees the growth of their villages" Shri Ashok ji remarked. Swamiji exhorted the Karyakartas, “Throw away the crutches of reservation. Rely on your strength. Become self-reliant and live with honour and grace”. Didi Ma Ritambharaji explained the role of Matri Shakti in nation building. Invocation of an urge for ‘self-reliance and self regard’ among Vanvasis was the main theme of ‘The Kumbh’.


Prerna Yatra : Excellent example of National Integration

On April 23, 2005 morning 9.30 a.m. Prerna Yatra began from four directions of the city and simultaneously culminated at Malhar Ashram. All the Vanvasi Karyakartas were dressed up in their colourful traditional attire. They danced and sang all along the routs of 3-4 km, before reaching the meeting point. Two Tableaus (Jhankis) on mobile van showing Ekal schools, Arogya Kendra, Gram Vikas and Swabhiman Jagaran (empowerment) also accompanied the procession. The city people had erected hundreds of welcome gates all through the yatra route. The public of Indore greeted their special guests from all over the country by showering flowers and offering water and sharbat to them. The Roads of Indore were covered with rose and marigold petals.  

The Muslim Samaj of Indore welcomed Ekal Karyakartas by showering flowers and rose water on them. The Sikh Sabha also welcomed yatris with flowers and enthusiastic slogans. The entire city of Indore vibrated with enthusiasm and excitement.

History had taken a U turn, Nagarvasees showering love on Vanvasees.


Reliving Cultural Bharat

Our vanvasi brothers and sisters performed cultural events on the night of 23rd April in all the 22 city sub centers of Indore in the presence of thousands of city people. In many places they were joined by local people in their folk dances.


The Pledge Ceremony

April 24, 2005. It was incredible and astounding. In the august presence of Shri Ashokji Singhal and Shri Mohan Rao Bhagat; Shri Shyam Gupt, the enlightening force behind the whole Movement, invoked the Karyakartas’ inner strength by surcharging the total atmosphere of the Sabha Mandap with spiritualistic fervour. One could see the collective impact of three basic human energies of wisdom (Gyan), dedication (Bhakti) and Strength (Shakti) upon the Karyakartas who remained spell bound. Everything happened in one magnifying stroke of Sankalp (Conviction).


The Sankalp

All the Karyakartas with flowers and rice (Akshat) clenched in their fists, uttered the Pledge: "I dedicate my life-body-soul and mind to the service of my beloved nation. I will not stop till the goal is reached My goal is to make Bharat Ma strong and healthy, literate and self reliant. She will be leading the world towards peace, prosperity and social harmony by 2011". (Maharishi Arbindo’s Prediction).

The Karyakartas categorically took three pledges: 

  • I will spend 25 nights in my work field and only 5 nights at my residence. 
  • I will multiply and enforce karyakarta strength with my sincere effort and bring them to Prayag Sammelan in 2007. 
  • We will achieve 37,000 Ekal Vidyalayas by 2007 and 1 lac Ekal Vidyalayas by 2011. 

After Sankalp, flowers were offered at the feet of Bharat Mata portrait and Akshat were taken by karyakartas to be offered at Gram Devta of their own villages. 

Each Karyakarta had the Sankalp Sutra (Pledge – Thread) tied on his/her wrist, which will keep reminding them their goal.


Ekal Jyoti

Ekal Jyoti was lit by Shri Subhas Chandra (ZTV), Chairman of EVFI, on the o ccasion of the concluding session, on 24th April evening in the Nehru stadium, Indore. Arround 10,000 people witnessed the programme. Shri Subhas Chandra spoke brilliantly on this solemn occasion. He declared, Ekal Vidyalaya is the most effective and powerful scheme for strengthening the nation. It is beyond any criticism and controversy. Keep on progressing in the right direction and fulfill your target without any fear or constraints”. He even proclaimed that we can achieve our target of 1 lack schools by the year 2009 with a little extra effort. 
ZTV presented an entertainment programmed at the end.


God helps those

The moment Swami Hridayramji of Bhopal heard about the pledges of 3,500 karyakartas, he immediately offered unlimited help to reinforce Gram Vikas Programmes in Tribal Villages to make them self reliant.


Schools & Children

Current Number of Ekal Schools: 14,178


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