Newsletter May 2008

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation Marathon Training Program


Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation Support Group of Muscat and Dubai has been formed

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation Support Group inMuscat and Dubai
Our efforts to have support groups in more countries bore fruit in mid-April when the Ekal team from India visited Muscat and Dubai. A very senior team headed by EVFI Chairman Sri Subhash Chandra visited there on 15th and 16th April 2008. The other team members were Smt Sushila Goenka, wife of Sri Subhash Chandra (she is also the Patron of EVF Karyakarta Vibhag), Sri Pradeep Goyal, trustee of EVFI, Smt Sangita Gupta, Global coordinator EVFI and Sri Jitu Bhai Bhansali, President of FTS, Mumbai.

MUSCAT: In Muscat a number of Indians residing there attended the meet which was presided over by His Excellency Hon. Indian Ambassador to Oman Sh. Anil Wadhwaji. With the inspiring speech of Sri Subhash Chandra and the Power Point Presentation of Sri Pradeep Goyal the locals pledged to support 200 schools. Other team members also interacted with the residents there and gave in depth information of the Ekal activities.

DUBAI: The meeting in Dubai was a grand success too. Our Jitu Bhai from Mumbai had been coordinating with his friend Sri Harshad Mehta, a diamond merchant in Dubai for the last six months. Here we got a commitment of 1630 schools, with a single donor, Sri Madhu Bhandari promising help for 1000 schools. Shri Harshad Mehta committed for 300 schools. Another old Ekal supporter Sri Motilalji along with his wife Smt Induy Gupta also came to Dubai for this meeting. He has his business here, in Czekoslovakia and Delhi. Motilalji, who was already contributing for 100 schools promised another 100 schools in the name of his wife and 100 from his side by his Dubai office. From the gathering Sri Adaniji committed contributions for 100 schools, Shri Vinod Shah committed contribution for 50 schools and there were many who pledged support for 10, 5, 2 and 1 school also. The Dubai team has promised to collect contributions for 5000 schools in the near future.


Samanvaya Varg of South Zone at Kanyakumari (Tamilnadu)


Tan Man Dhan

Shri S.B. Hundre Ji, President SVO BELGAUM, PRESENTED THIS in the South Zone Samanvay Varg. He asked everyone to find out who we are for Ekal.


Samanvaya Varg of North East Zone at Guwahati (Assam)

Samanvaya Varg in the land of Sun Rise
The fifth and the last Samanvay Varg of this year commenced in Guwahati, Assam on 6th-7th April 2008. As it was envisaged Anchal and Sankul Samiti members (Free Timer) from all parts of the North East region turned up in good numbers to attend the Samanvaya Varg. It gave them immense pleasure and of course a great sense of pride to have a Kendriya Varg organized in Assam. It was the first ever big event of Ekal in Assam since its beginning in 1998. The fulltime volunteers and Samiti members from 16 Anchals, 32 Sankuls and four chapters of North East gathered in the capital of Assam, Guwahati. Many of them had braved the journey through highly sensitive areas to participate in the Varg. Nothing could deter their zeal and dedication for the cause of Ekal.
A large number of ladies from remote villages and even chapters (cities) participated in the Varg, who had come leaving behind their family, children and house chores to learn more about Ekal so that they could contribute more substantially in Ekal Yojana. This was really heart touching. Many Samiti members described how Ekal schools have become the symbol of hope in otherwise disturbed regions of North Eastern part of the country.

The office bearers, members and volunteers of Friends of Tribals Society, Guwahati had taken the responsibility of organizing this ambitious event with great spirit, zeal and enterprise. Many new persons of all rank and file joined, the Guwahati Chapter during and after the Varg. The inaugural session was addressed by Chief Guest Honorable Governor of Assam Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Shri Ajai Singh, Professor Kanak Deka , Shri T.G.Barua, chief publisher of the ‘Sentinel’ Newspaper and the Ekal ideologue Shri Shyamji Gupt.

The national office beares of FTS and the central Toli of Ekal were present in full strength. Guwahati chapter President Shri Subhash Agarwal, Secretary Shri Lakhan Gupta, National Organizing Secretary Sri Arun Bajaj and National Working President of FTS Shri Sajjan Bhajanka, were the guiding force behind the success of this Varg. But without the team spirit of all the members of FTS and Mahila Samiti under the leadership of Smt Sushila Gupta, the Samanvaya Varg would not have been such a success.

The heart stirring speech, followed by power point presentation of Ma Shyamji and the clarion call given by Shri R.L.Kabra, National President FTS added splendor to the Varg. Focus of all the proceedings, in the Varg remained the same throughout the five Vargs - i.e. local ownership, local participation and Swavlamban (self reliance) at every level.


Monthly News letter released by FTS Bangalore


Teacher Training Camp held at Akhnoor, Kalakote and Rajouri in Kashmir

Ekal Vidyalaya Training Camps have been arranged at Akhnoor, Kalakote and Rajouri in the month of March, 2008. Total 160 persons attended the training camps.

Images of Akhnoor Camp:


Ekal Vidyalaya Visit by Smt. Rekha Singh (wife of famous Prof Bal Ram Singh)

This time during my Bharat Yatra I visited Ekal school in Uttar Pradesh. This school is located in Lucknow area, Ayodhya Anchal, Sanch Bikapur, Upsanch Sherpura and Gram Ram Nagar. This school has 27 children and teacher name is Madhuri Devi. It was my first Ekal school visit in Uttar Pradesh state of India. Last time during my Bharat Yatra I visited Ekal school in Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. Again I was impressed and amazed to see the work is done by Ekal team towards educating children with very small resources. These school are just not giving our poor of the poorest people education but they are giving then SANSKARIT education. We see lot of people very educated but uncivilized in their personal life. I personally honor education with great SANSKAAR. Our Ekal team is doing very well. I told everybody their that I am going to share my thought with Ekal team in USA.

Rekha Singh


Visit of Shri Sankaran ji in Srinagar Prathmik Varg

As narrated by him-

"As we entered the village Jolewa,  Shri Fayaz, Anchal pramukh gave us a warm welcome and took us straight to Peer to whom we paid respects.

I was delighted to participate in Jolewa, (Budgam Dt) Training Camp along with my wife and daughter. We spent a good 3 hours addressing the 25 teachers and interacting with them. It was nice to see all of them writing down notes as we addressed and taking keen interest in Ekal programmes under the able leadership of Fayaz Ahmed. They rendered melodious songs. It was kind of Peer to come up all the way and be with us throughout the proceedings and insist on our taking lunch.

We were hosted to a good feast of snacks and sweets and Tea.
I was impressed to know that all teachers have studied upto Plus 2  and a few even diploma and degree courses.
We were overwhelmed to receive a standing invitation from Fayaz & his wife to stay in their house whenever we visit Kashmir.

Last but not the least, we had the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of Ekal family in Kashmir."

State Coordinator


Ekal updates - Ekal Vidyalaya

Current: Number of Ekal Schools: 24,006 Number of Children: 720,182


Gaurav Gatha - Sri Khagen Rajuar

Our Gaurav
Name :-Sri Khagen Rajuar (Past Ekal Student)
Father Name :-Sri Krishna Rajuar
Occupation-Tea Garden Worker
Address-Bilongoni Tea Estate
P.O.- Chabua
Dist - Dibrugrrh (ASOM)
Sri Khagen Rajuar was a student of Ekal Vidyalaya, Bilongni Tea Estate, under Chabua Sanch of Dibrugarh (then Tinsukia) Anchal.

He was an irregular student of class three in a nearby primary school and his study was about to stop. But the Acharya of  Ekal Vidyalaya Sri Gopal Rajuar met the guardian of Khagen and asked them to send Khagen to Ekal Vidyalaya.  Khagen started coming to Ekal Vidyalaya and enjoyed doing physical exercise and singing songs besides the studies. He became a  regular student of  Ekal Vidyalaya.

He appeared in final exam of class 3 of Ekal Vidyalaya held by Anchal Siksha Samity in Sanch Kendra and he got admission to class 5 in a Govt. M.E. School. He continued his studies and now is a student of 12th class (H.S 2nd Year)

Other Achievements---

   1. Participate in many Camp held by N.C.C.
   2. Attend Adventure trek.
   3. Participated in inter Dte GV Mavlankar Shooting Championship, Sept. 06 at Asansol (W.B.)

Now he is Sanch Pramukh of Ekal Vidyalaya Yojana, Chabua Sanch, Dibrugarh Anchal.


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