Newsletter May 2023

Sur Sangam across US

Ekal US is busy in fund raising by organising Sur Sangam across the states of US.

The San Diego chapter fundraiser was very successful. It was well attended. The artists engaged well with the audience and got them on the floor for dancing. Shri Varu, San Diego chapter President did a good job presenting Ekal projects and set a target of 275k which was crossed in about 15 minutes.

Then a pitch was made to form a consortium to collectively sponsor an IVD, and many people put up their hands. By the end of the evening there were 12 people showing interest in it.

Shri Malti Pandya pledged $12500 /year for five years.

About 180 people attended Sur Sangam music program at Bakersfield, California on April 2, 2023 at Harvey auditorium. The event raised about $6521 from tickets, $1000 in general donations and 26 schools, and also $60,000 for IVD. 

Inspiring news from across all Ekal Chapters; Indeed a great start for 2023.

Ekal Musical Sur Sangam Program that happened on Friday April 28th in Dayton Ohio.

A. We were able to generate Support of over USD 600,000 for the Ekal Effort.

B. Pledge Dollars- USD 500,000- ONE (1) IVD and FOUR (4) Telemedicine-TEA

C. Over 325 Schools- some still coming in

D. 412 attendees of the event

Dayton Community has been very Generous. The community has only 4500 people of 1st and 2nd Generation Indians and we had over 412 represented in the program.

Our strategy of 2 events- Private Event for Program Pledges at our House on April 26th and another event for the musical night on April 28th to obtain sponsorship and raise awareness for Schools at Om shanti Hall worked very well.

Ranjan Kejriwal

CP- Dayton, Ohio


Community Engagement Activities for Ekal awareness by Bloomington IL

Ekal team Bloomington IL believed in engaging with local community in and around Bloomington IL which also helps to showcase and make public awareness about Ekal’s mission In India as well as Ekal’s local community involvement by both Youth and Adult.

Following are few of their activities in the last couple of months -

  • Fundraiser for Local temple by cooking and selling lunch boxes 
  • Distribution of water at Holi event at Downtown Bloomington IL
  • Langar (Breakfast & Lunch) at Gurudwara Sahib at Decatur IL (Central IL) on the occasion of Baisakhi celebration.

There was good response and appreciation from local Sikh community about Ekal’s mission in Punjab.


Road cleaning activity by EKAL, DC team on April 22nd to fulfill one of the WBCC requirements.


At Emerson Houston, APIA (Asia and Pacific Islander Association) to promote Ekàl with support from employees.


Innovative promotions

Happy to share a few pictures of the Ekal Tree event we had in our Montessori school.
These Very cute little angles from the nursery, get opportunity to support Ekal by drinking healthy fresh juice and know more about EKAL foundation & it’s noble work
- Prathibha Goyal


Ekal Houston's first ever walkathon


Ekal Rath in the villages of Kerala

Ekal Rath (chariot) went to Daniyam Vanavasi village on 16/04/2023 in Palakkad zone (Division-10) of Kerala state. The villagers welcomed the Rath and were able to connect themselves with it. They worshipped the Shivling in the Rath.


Ekal Yuva Indore adopts a Sanch

With the guidance of mentor Shri Atul Gupta, Smt Sushma Chowdhary, Shri Ajit, Smt Divya Doshi, Smt Neha Mittal, Smt Namita and Smt Saraswati, Ekal Yuva Indore adopted Karhi Sanch (30 schools, villages). Shri Rasu Jain, President, Ms Sarita Mundra, Ms Amita Mangla from Ekal youth team were present in Karhi.


E-Shiksha at Ekal village

Kumari Julie Rana, an Ekal teacher from Dewari, shares her experience of incorporating tablets into the classroom. The use of tablets has transformed the way in which lessons are delivered to students, replacing the traditional blackboard with a more interactive and engaging platform. The students are able to view what was previously written on the blackboard through the tablet, making it easier for them to follow the lesson. The use of tablets has increased the interest and enthusiasm of the students in their lessons, and as a result, they are learning at a faster pace. The E-Shiksha program has been instrumental in providing students with access to new learning materials such as stories and poems, which have sparked their imagination and creativity. The students enjoy learning through the use of tablets, working together with their friends to understand new concepts and ideas. Kumari Julie Rana has witnessed firsthand how the use of tablets has revolutionized the way in which education is delivered, making it more interactive and enjoyable for students. Through E-Shiksha, students are able to acquire a range of skills that will be valuable to them in their future endeavors.


Lotus Awardee in Ekal Acharya training camp

Smt Nanjiyamma, a resident of Palakkad, Attappadi, Vanavasi area of Kerala, was awarded the prestigious Lotus Award from The President of India. Despite being not formally educated, she has won many awards and prizes in the field of music and art.

When I visited our Ekal village, I came to know that she's from that village and that she had attended our Acharya Varga to inspire them. I immediately went to her house and met her. The sampark has worked out well and she has committed to extend her support to Ekal.

- Dogra Karthar, Ekal Abhiyan, South Zone


Vanyatra by Team Andhra

On 23-04-2023 evening there was good Vanayathra to Gajuladinne Ekal Village, Kodumuru Sanch, Kurnool Anchal, Dakshin Andhra Bhag by Shri Y.Basavana Goud, P-9 Prabhag Vice-President, Andhra Sambhag President Shri Sunilji with Andhra Bhag Sambhag Samithi and Kurnool Anchal, Andhra Bhag Sambhag Karyakarthas. Anchal, Bhag, Sambhag Mahila Pramukhs also participated. Many villagers also participated. 

All Samithi members and students went inside the Gram temple and prayed. Students started the meeting with He Hamsa Vahini Prartana, Gayathri Mantra, Sri Rama Jayarama maha mantra etc., They sang Desh Bhakti Geet, Bhajan Geet, done good Kolatam. The students and the samithis had good interaction. The vanyatrees were happy and satisfied with the workingEkal Vidyalaya.


Vanyatra by Sydney's past Presidents

Sydney chapter past president and his wife Smt Shobha who was also president for some time, visited Manali Ekal Viidyalaya. They were inspired and felt very happy.


Vanyatra to wayanad

A 24 member team went for a Vanyatra to Meenangadi village in Wayanad Kerala, it is about 250 kms, 8 hours one way journey, stayed overnight and next day morning visited schools and on their way back inaugurated a branch karyalaya at Sri Aloke Sabu's place in calicut.

Since the Vidyalaya are closed for summer vacation, the childrens came to Meensngadi sanch Kendra community hall with their Acharya from six sanch.


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