Newsletter November 2004

USA Tour of Shri Shyam ji Gupt

Shyam ji has returned from his tour of the USA. With the establishment of the organizational structure in the USA there has been a growth in confidence in the working of the EVM. A large number of people, volunteers as well as new enthusiasts, attended the knowledge workshops held all over the country and gained an understanding of the working of the Ekal Movement in greater depth. Collection or sponsorship has been at an accelerated pace as compared to last year. 

The most important aspect of this tour has been the enthusiasm shown by the youth and they have come out in large numbers to support the movement. Twelve chapters have been identified where the youth wing is taking shape and the work area has been identified. 

All the people have vastly appreciated the base work being done by the Ekal office in New Delhi in providing the essential ground support. The website with its huge database, the short films highlighting the social impacts of the movement and the software systems developed to provide information have been appreciated by one and all.


A Rare Gem Hidden Amongst Us

"This Movement is going to transform India as a nation and it is up to me to decide whether I want to be part of this inevitable transformation through Ekal Vidyalaya." - humble words from the highest donor of Ekal vidyalaya movement, Shri Braham Ratan Aggarwal.


IMF Charities

Another great news for Ekal Vidyalaya Movement. Ekal is now registered with IMF (International Monetary Fund) Charities, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Amit Kabra who works there. He and his wife Garima are working hard to educate IMF employees about the Ekal cause.


Diwali Mela

Ekal volunteers put up a booth at the Diwali Mela at the Germantown Soccerplex. We sold Diwali Greeting Cards; offered Face Painting to children; gave away free balloons and distributed Ekal literature. A lot of publicity was done. Ekal volunteers made it sure to tell everyone about the Ekal movement.


Ekal website

The new Ekal Website or incorporates a host of features not available on the earlier site. We propose to get you acquainted with its numerous features one by one through a regular column on the Ekal News. One of the features is a page for each of the areas which would contain all the information of that area, regarding forthcoming events, reports of previous events, pictures and local contact information. This page can be viewed by clicking on the \'Support Us\' link on the home page of the website and going to the link: \'In Your Area\'. You could then choose the region of your choice from the menu to get the desired information. 

Please click the following link to see the video of the Brand Ambassador of Ekal Movement, Ms. Hema Malini:\ 

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