Newsletter November 2012

Youth Meet of Ekal

“Youth thy name is Power! Without you no movement can be successful. Youth are to be reached not preached” were the opening words of Prof. Manjushree when she welcomed around 85 youth entrepreneurs of Delhi. They had gathered on the invitation of Bharat Lok Shiksh Parishad (BLSP). The Senior V.President Sri G.D. Goel was the main force behind this event. The youth gathering was addressed by Sri Surendra Kumar Jindal of Jindal Group and Sri Laxmi Narayan Goel of Zee Group.
Ekal presentation made by Prof. Manjushree ignited the spirit of youngsters and fired their imagination to join Ekal. Around 65 youth came forward to form the youth group of Ekal-BLSP. “We are here for our country to accelerate the growth and development in Rural Bharat through Education. That is possible through Ekal Movement” they declared with firm conviction.


Ekal Mahila Varg in Karimganj of South Assam

The special workshop (Varg) was organized at the District center (Anchal) of Karimganj in South Assam. This small city is separated from Bangladesh Border by a thin river only. Due to porous Border, this city falls under highly sensitive area. Hence even a small event can disturb the peace and equilibrium of the mixed society of the area.
It was tough to organize a Mahila Varg in Karimganj. But local Ekal Samiti gathered courage to hold the workshop. The women volunteers of 4 districts of Silchar, Halakandi, Karimganj and Dharmanagar samities were invited. Arround 102 ladies from Anchals, Sankul and Sanch reported for the Varg. The two days workshop proved to be extremely beneficial because it infused extra motivation and self confidence among the men and women of the local samities. Prof. Manjushree from Delhi came to Karimganj to hold this significant Mahila Varg. The lady volunteers under the leadership of Smt Namita Banik took the oath of helping Ekal in every way. The inauguration of the Varg on 3rd Oct, 2012 was well attended. Professors of the local University and local businessmen also attended. 


Ekal Sansthan organized workshop on public speaking

FTS’s 25th year’s celebration, Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary and Ekal’s landmark celebrations in 2014 are approaching fast. Ekal Abhiyan is planning a chain of events to commemorate these occasions. So the need of hour is fast communications through effective speaking about Ekal Mission and message.
Public speaking is a skill. Some are born with this talent but most of us acquire it. So here we are to deliberate on ‘How to speak, what to speak’ etc.

We need to discuss the content, duration, presentation, articulation and modulation of the speech. Since we have a strong cause and a far sighted mission to accomplish, we need enough information, knowledge and live experiences of the subject.
Hence the 1st workshop on “Public Speaking” Panel of Speakers of Ekal was conducted by Prof. Manjushree on 5th Oct, 2012 in Kolkata. Twenty selected people of Ekal Abhiyan attended the workshop. Prof. Manjushree was assisted by Sri Ramesh Saraogi. The main topics discussed were-
Content of the speech for CSR business class, professionals, youth, donor, women etc.
Presentation - Mode, Sequence, PPT, Clarity etc.

Traits of speakers–Self confidence, conviction, deep understating of the subject, power of language, mannerisms, faith system etc.
After the introductory session of one and half hours, the attendees were invited to speak on any one of the topics (given to men) for 3 minutes. This interactive session became very interesting.

In the third phase of the workshop all the participants expressed their views. They all appreciated this very much needed effort to enhance public speaking.

They demanded that this kind of workshop must be conducted more frequently at different zones of the country. So it was decided that the next workshop will be held at Delhi, then at Chennai. The workshop will have two divisions technical and content.


Aatmeeya Sammelan

Ekal Vidyalaya Abhiyan organized ‘Aatmeeya Sammelan’ for   full-time workers of Anantapur Anchal of Andhra Pradesh on 21st October 2012 at Kadiri.  Thirty five families participated in this meet.   All of us reached the venue Saraswati Shishu Mandir of Kadiri by 10.30 AM.  It was an initiative taken by Sri P.Ramakanthji, Central Team member of Ekal Abhiyan.
Many dignitaries actively participated in this Aatmeeya Sammelan. The program started by Sri Raghavendra, Srisailam Bhag Pramukh by introducing the guests. Later every Karyakarta along with his family was requested to make self-introduction.  It was a very pleasant atmosphere to meet the families of our full time workers.  Every worker expressed that they are deriving utmost happiness in working with Ekal.  It is more heartening to listen to their family members that they are very happy and encouraged with the activities of Ekal.
Sri Vishnuvardhan spoke at length about his experience with Janahitha.  He admired the karyakarthas’ devotion towards Ekal schools. He went to the extent of saying that personally he derives moral inspiration from those karyakarthas. His wife, Smt Chaitra also spoke on the occasion and expressed her happiness for being able to attend this function.  Sri Parthasarathi garu, congratulated the families present in the Aatmeeya Sammelan for their contribution for the welfare of nation. He also shared his joy of being present in the function and extended his support to Ekal Abhiyan. Smt Geetanjali, who holds a senior position in the local Cooperative Bank, was present.  She congratulated the Janahitha families for their selfless service to the nation.
The program ended with the prayer by Sri Ramakanthji. Everybody enjoyed the food prepared by Karyakartas themselves.
Ekal Abhiyan Ladies Wing, Hyderabad


Ekal Global Learning (EGL) 2013

A hands-on learning experience at the 'heartland of activity' and 'seeing-is- believing' are the two guiding principles of "Ekal Global Learning (EGL)". This event is going to be a forum to learn what Ekal stands for, through various inter-active sessions to be held at the grass-root level. The participants shall get to know of the merits of the project, its social impact and the hardships & challenges faced by the people who are determined for making this movement a grand success.
The proposed EGL will be held in Uttaranchal from 21st to 26th February 2013. The journey of the team will start from New Delhi on 21st noon, proceed & travel to Kathgodam, Almora, Nainital etc, and reach back to New Delhi on 26th evening. Apart from Ekal Learning the team will also go for sight-seeing, visiting the Shiva Temple of Pandavas' period, Artisan wells & other places of tourist interest in and around Nainital.
Note: The cost would be around Rs.16, 000/- per person (includes to-and-fro rail/road fare, local journey, vegetarian food & comfortable Lodging) and will be charged on actual basis. For Registration & other Details, Contact Dr. C.Satheesh Kumar (+91-9487508930) at


Ekal School visit in Andhra

On 29 October 2012, many dignitaries from Hyderabad went for visit to Ekal Schools at Keshavarao Pally and Raviryala village of Palamur Anchal in Andhra Pradesh.  8 persons participated in Vanyatra.
These two villages, Keshavarao Pally and Raviryala of Palamur Anchal are very remote places. The roads are as bad as they could be.  Ekal School children were very much excited about the arrival of Guests.   All the guests were welcomed with lot of respect and with garlands at both the places.
Students of both schools exhibited their talent by reciting songs, Shlokas, Hanuman Chaleesa etc.  They also entertained the audience by performing dance, Kolatam, Abhinaya Geet etc.  Children also showed their academic skills by telling tables.
Grama Samiti members also had good detailed discussion with guests.  Sri Subba Reddy advised the Samiti members to take part actively and regularly in Ekal activities.
All the visitors expressed their utmost satisfaction and happiness having visited these two schools, though it was tough travel on the very bad roads.


New Chapter of Social Engineering

On September 15, 2012, Friends of Tribals Soceity (FTS) Bhopal organized a school visit. 50 students of MANIT (Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology), Bhopal, visited Hinotiya and Gundrai villages of Raisan District in Madhya Pradesh. Prof. Anupama Sharma was representing the students. 
Really it was an amazing experience for people who had never visited a village in their life. Just loved to be so close to the beautiful views of nature. They got a chance to see the real beauty and tradition of India. The way the people welcomed us with Dhol and flowers was really touching. Small kids were putting Kalash on their head.
The visit to the Hinotia village school was truly mesmerizing. Kids out there were so innocent. I saw a determination in them to learn something new. I also loved the way the villagers treated us and served Kheera and Bhutta. I also had a talk with the ladies there who were sitting backside with long Palloos on their head. They were very nice.
Then we visited Gundrai village and were again welcomed with traditional Dhol beats and teeka. The visitors got a chance to feel the real essence of the soil of my mother earth.
The kids in the school were very enthusiastic and active. They sang cute poems for us. We were served Daal-Baati with spicy lauki in the lunch. I salute for the great hosting. We distributed stationary and chocolates to the school kids. 
So in my views "Ekal Vidhyalaya" system is doing good job. This system is providing education in a very small amount of money. And the best thing is that they are also teaching about moral values and general knowledge. This Ekal Vidyalaya system should be extended to every village of our country.
People of both villages have shown very nice behavior and discipline. They welcomed us with flowers and Dhol that was an unforgettable moment. Returning from Gundrai Ekal Village, Anchal Samiti hosted high tea at Raisen where all the students shared their experiences. They resolved to support this noble work of Ekal Movement.  


Schools and Children

Current number of Ekal Schools: 39,769 Number of Children: 11,21,805


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