Newsletter October 2015

Ekal at Oracle Ekal - Save for Change Project

What started as a simple idea of collecting change (coins) to make a difference for the education of children in rural India, turned out to be an enriching experience with a promising outcome!
Ekal volunteers along with Oracle volunteers started collecting coins for past one month and met on Sep 12, 2015 at Tufts University to sort and count their collection. They had collected several pounds of coins.
Kids and adults participated in using coin-machines, manual counting - tracking ekal's $1/day for education. There was a quiz on coins.
The event was supported by Ekal NE volunteers and our inspiring EYL. In fact, it was the first project under EYL banner!


TED Talk

Shyam Ji Gupt was invited for TED talk at Pathways International School, Gurgaon on 20th of August, 2015.
TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to ideas worth spreading. TED Conferences invite the world's leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes or less. Many of these talks are then made available free at TED speakers includes Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani to name a few. The annual TED Conference takes place each spring in Vancouver, British Columbia, along with the TEDActive simulcast event in nearby Whistler. TED helps world-changing innovators from around the globe to amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities.


Ekal Pranam

On 26th Aug 2015 Bhopal mahila Wing conducted a Raksha Bandhan  Program.



Ekal Abhiyan, Tezpur, Assam reached out to security forces on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan was also celebrated beyond the border. Seen here is US Congress man Dr Bill Foster - HSS Naperville Raksha Bandhan - with Ekal's Hashmukh Shah and others at Congress man Bill Foster Joliet District Office.


Surat chapter Mahila samithi Vanyatra

On 5th Aug 2015 FTS Surath's Mahila samithi arranged a vanyatra to Tappi anchal by President Smt Vijay kokda and vanyatra in charge Smt Panna Agrawal, Secretary Smt. Ashita Nanglia.
33 members participated in this vanyatra out of which majority were first timers.
The team visited Ekal schools in Jaisingpur and Vankla villages.


FTS Indore celebrated its 7th annual day

On 9th Aug 2015 FTS Indore at Ravindra auditorium conducted a program on social worker Sri Babulal ji Mittal’s birth anniversary, which was dedicated to human relations. The program started with songs by Sri Sangita Meleker and supported by Vivek Vadoliker, Pressana Rao, and Rakesh Nager.
Supports were offered for 357 Ekal schools. Sri Dinesh ji Mittal and Sri Narendra ji Singal offered to support 100 Ekal schools each.


Inspiring Story of Soham Chauhan Sudhakaran, our Ekal Youth Leader

Soham C Sudhakaran is a 7 year old, has just finished first grade in Cambridge, MA. He spent his summer vacation last year with his grandparents in India and was shocked and moved to see that not all kids had access to basic amenities such as a school and library. Soham suggested to us that we should build schools and toilets for these kids. When we explained to him how much it might cost to build a primary school, he suggested a plan. Soham had collected loose coins/change in the house in a piggy-bank for an African safari trip and a Lego set for 2 years. He recently counted the coins and realized that they amounted to $180. He asked many people, including his friends, to collect coins and save it for building a school. After returning to Boston, on attending two ‘Ekal Youth Leaders’ meetings learnt that $1 was enough to run an EKAL school in a village for 30 kids. This inspired him and he donated all the money in his piggy bank to Ekal instead of buying a lego set or go on the African safari trip. He is  also reaching out to many kind of people who can also share their 'loose money lying around house'. He sincerely believes it will add to an amount of $365 or more to take care of education of 1 village in India for a year. Soham likes to get more involved with Ekal until it has reached its goal of educating kids of all 54,000 remote villages in India.


Jabalpur Vanyatra

On 25th Aug 2015 Vanyatra was held at Jabalpur chapter – Dindori anchal – Vikram pur sanch.
FTS West division Chairman Sri Gopal Pachiseya, Indore chapter President Sri Shivkumar Choudry and Jabalpur chapter Secretary Sri Gopal Asava visited 2 villages, motivated the samithi members to work better.


Janani, Malasiya at AFI Camp

I am Janani Nivedita Ramakrishnan Sivakumar. I am doing my International Business Management studies at The University of Nottingham, Malaysia and a part of Arogya Foundation. The training program which I attended gave me a fruitful experience on how to lead life in a healthy and a simpler way which was typically based on “Managing Malnutrition and Anemia through home remedies”. Being away from home and adapting myself to a new country where different food and the climate stood quiet tough but after this training session I am sure that I can manage my health in the best way possible. I had a glimpse of how people lead their life in the interior villages from some participants who were from remote areas. My salutations to women hood who attended this training camp and promised to spread the spell of good heath in their villages and my thanks to the chief members of the Ekal Vidhyalaya for giving me a joyous and a knowledgeable opportunity.


Kalbochanahalli College Health Camp

On 5th Sept 2015 a health camp was held at Kalbochanahalli college by Ekal Vidyalaya Mysore anchal.


Gramothan Sansthan Kendra, Gargoan Independence Day Celebrations

The Independence Day was celebrated at Gargaon in a grand manner considering that it is a small village.
31 persons including office bearers of the chapter, students from IIT (Mumbai) and members from the local schools around that area took part in the event.
The gathering then enjoyed various presentations of students from Ekal Schools in Mangrul and Galachapada, who were guided by Acharya Shakuntala Jadhav and Acharya Ananta Nikhade respectively and were felicitated.
The students presented satires on Hygiene, Domestic work, Mock Class Behavior, etc. Proficiency certificates were presented to 12 students of two recent batches of the Primary Tailoring Course at Gramotthan Sansadhan, Gargaon.
Sri Kashinath, Ekal Karyakarta explained working of Ekal Movement and education system.
Sri Kothari, Trustee explained the Gramotthan project undertaken by Ekal Movement and working of the Gargaon Kendra. There was an interacting session with IIT students.
At a meeting on 22nd August, 2015 at IIT - Mumbai a detailed power point presentation was made to discuss Ekal Abhiyan and its benefits to the rural society.


Vanyatra to Sirkazhi

Students Bhavna, Palak, Siri, Stefney from Tufts University, US and Selvarani and Saranya working in an organization called Payir came here on 22nd Aug 2015. The village committee and women’s committee gave them a warm welcome. The visitors observed the way Ekal schools were conducted and interacted with the students and their parents. They also learned how the Acharyas were given training.
They observed that the schools were conducted without building and the children keeping quiet and disciplined. The yoga and bhajan training were novel to them and were surprised to see the children play despite having no toys.


FTS Surat chapter – Mahila samithi Sneh milan

On 16th Sept 2015 a program Sneh Milan was conducted by President Smt Vijya kokda and Secretary Smt Ashita Nangliya Mahila Samithi of Surat and was attended by 75 mahila members.
Sri Ajay Kumar Parik and Sri Mahesh Kumar Mittal spoke about the importance of makara sankranthi and sevapatra yojna.


Medical camp at Chhattisgarh, Raipur

A medical camp was held in Dandkaran bhag anchal, Kanker Charama sanch at Junvani and Mudkusra villages. Over 900 people were benefited out of it.


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