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Virtual ‘National Conference’ - Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA

Some pictures from morning session of the conference
Presentations from India
- Current situation and future plans
(Ekal Schools,  E-Shiksha, Arogya - Telemedicine, COVID Work, Gramothan - Ekal on Wheels, Tailoring Centers, Computer Centers, GRC, IVD) followed by Q/A session
Ekal’s Aggressive March Towards ‘Mission 2025’
- Prakash Waghmare,
Public Relations, Exposure and Media Affairs

On September 18, “Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA” hosted a day-long virtual ‘National Conference’ with 220 registrants from U.S., Canada and India. The objective of the conference was not only to review targeted achievements of ‘Ekal Abhiyan’ of past 15 months during Covid-19 pandemic, but also, to align aspirations of Ekal-America and Ekal-India for the coveted Year 2025 success-milestones mapped out earlier in Year 2020. Ekal-India was represented by Shri Ramesh Sarogi, Shri Ashok Arora, Shri Ramesh Maheshwari, Shri Chunnu Jindal, Shri Shankar Halder, Shri Harish Karat and many others who are spearheading ‘Ekal Abhiyan’, ‘Arogya Foundation’, ‘Gramothan Foundation’, ‘E-Shiksha’, and ‘Global Communication’ for Ekal. The host team included the members of its board of directors, working committees, regional and chapter presidents and lots of youth. Ekal-India, collectively, proposed an aggressive forward-looking goals for Year 2025, keeping up with ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative by the Hon. PM Shri Narendra Modi.  
As Ekal has been in existence for 35 yrs, Shri Ramesh Sarogi, proposed an innovative concept of ‘Pragat Sanch’ (progressive clusters) for 35,000 villages, which would showcase exemplary aspects of integrated village development. A small portion of these clusters, would be turned into quintessential ‘Adarsh Gram’ (Model Villages). ‘Ekal Abhiyan’ confirmed that our organization now has a presence in France and Thailand, bringing the total to 12 countries.
It is worth noting that, in spite of hurdles posed by the pandemic, Ekal-USA still managed to raise about $10 Million in Year 2020, just as the previous 3 years. As a successful technocrat, Shri Suresh Iyer, President of Ekal-USA, not only emphasized the use of technology as the ultimate tool for the vision and mission of Ekal, but also, as a support system for the scalability of projects. For the benefit of participants, he further summarized various proposals of the panellists for ‘Mission 2025’. Elaborating on the roadmap, he emphasized that although the number of schools would remain the same at 102,000, the number of villages for E-shiksha (education through tablets) would go up from 1,170 to all 102,000 schools; Arogya services (Healthcare) from 1,200 villages to 35,000; Ekal-on-wheel (mobile digital training vans) from 29 to 60; tailoring centres from 33 to 150; Integrated Village Development Centres (IVD) from 12 to 31; and Gramothan Research Centres (GRC) from 15 to 31. During this period, 50% schools, 15 GRCs, and 25 IVDs are expected to become self-sustaining.


Virtual ‘National Conference’ - Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA

Some pictures from afternoon session of the conference
Presentations by Ekal USA
(Regional Presentations, Financials, Technology, Office, Events, Gala, PR / Publicity / Media, Social Media) followed by Q/A session


Virtual ‘National Conference’ - Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA

Some pictures from evening session of the conference
New initiatives, Way forward
(Ekal Youth, DEN, GRANE, Arogya) followed by Q/A session


Virtual ‘National Conference’ - Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA

Some more pictures from evening session of the conference
Entertainment from Ekal volunteers


Raksha Bandhan celebrated by Ekal Helping Hands Youth

Ekal Helping Hands youth celebrated International Peace Day and Raksha Bandhan as the day of Universal Brotherhood and Inclusivity at NCHS (Normal community High school, Bloomington-Normal. 2300+ student population) with Principal Chapman and 2 staff members, as well as student representatives from several student leadership clubs.

The Principal, staff, and student representatives were very impressed to learn about the importance of Raksha Bandhan.

An informational poster about the day was showcased in the main atrium throughout the day.


IndiArt workshop with Sunanda Sahay

It was a refreshing and meditative workshop from Ms Sunanda Sahay at IndiaArt workshop. Participants from Mass, Cincinnati, Florida, California learnt about Madhubani / Mithila Art from villages of Bihar.
Series of exciting workshops lined up, visit


WHS’s Ekal Club organized a 5K RUN to Raise Awareness and Funds for Schools in Rural India

Members of Wilton High School‘s (WHS) fledgling Ekal Club conducted a 5K charity run on Saturday, Aug. 28, raising a total of $1,100 which will go towards fully funding three schools in rural India for a year.
Starting and ending at Merwin Meadows, approximately 50 participants — from experienced marathoners to novice walkers, from elementary aged runners to grandparents who came out to support the cause — enjoyed wonderful weather and the great running and walking trails Wilton has to offer.
The Ekal Club members who organized the 5K included some of WHS’s senior cross country and track team runners and other WHS athletes and this event allowed them to combine their athletic and altruistic passions.
Many of the club members who organized the event have long been involved with Ekal Vidyalaya, along with their families, and have successfully raised more than $30,000 over the last four years. They say they are excited to have an additional platform in the WHS Club to further their mission.


Creative paintings and art by Ekal children on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations at Ekal!


HASYA KAVI SAMMELAN held on Teachers' Day

On the occasion of  Teacher's Day - 5th September 2021 Ekal Lok Shiksha Parishad, West Delhi Chapter organized HASYA KAVI SAMMELAN.
The objective of this program was to promote social harmony and mutual brotherhood. At the same time, the Ekal Vidyalaya Abhiyan has to be developed and work was to be done towards more empowering.

Famous poets Shri Sudip Bhola, Smt Anamika Jain 'Amber', Shri Yogendra Sharma, Smt Ruchi Chaturvedi, Shri Kesardev Marwari, Shri Yash Kansal lifted the spirit of patriotism among the people through comic and poetry recitation. Shri Laxmi Narayan Goel (Chairman, Trust Board) Mananiya Shri Shyam Gupt  and  Chief Guest Shri Anil Gupta (KEI Industries Group) graced the occasion.


First ever football tournament at Jharkhand villages by GRC, IVD Parasnath

A 3-day Swami Vivekananda football tournament and sports competition was held by Ekal Gramothan Resource Center’s IVD Parasnath, from 3rd September in Jharkhand. A total of 32 teams from villages in Jharkhand participated.
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were bagged by Kumharlalo, Kaskend and Sinhpur villages respectively. Various games and sports competitions for the Stree Shakti were also organized. GRC President Shri Pradeep Jain said that this event is a first of its kind and could boost the self-confidence of the youth.


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