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Pilot Projects

Ekal follow the dynamic approach in ensuring holistic development of Rural & Tribal Bharat. The philosophy is to adopt new methods & technology to bring a change in the lives of rural & tribal communities.

Ekal has a system in place for adopting new ideas and once the idea is approved in principle by National Appraisal Team (NAT), it has to be implemented as pilot project to have a proof of concept. Once proof of concept is successful, it will be rolled out for scale up.

At present there are three Pilot Projects undergoing:
  • Ekal on Wheel in Karanjo, Jharkhand

    Launch Year: 2015 | Stage of Implementation: Final

    CAPEX: INR 22,50,000 | OPEX: INR 40,000 per month

    The main objective of the Ekal on Wheel is to generate computer awareness, enhance digital literacy and to make the facility available at the doorstep to encourage people to overcome their inhibitions and accept it open-mindedly.

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  • Anemia Eradication Project

    86.5% - prevalence in rural women | 83% - improved post treatment (in women)

    35-50% - prevalence in children (6 - 59 months) | 45-50% improved post treatment

    Anemia is the world’s second leading cause of illness and India is among the countries with one of the highest prevalence (70%-80%) of anemia. It is estimated that about 20%-40% of maternal deaths in India are due to anemia. The alarming number of women suffering from Anemia in rural India is 86.5%, inspired us to start a program to control Anemia in Ekal Villages. Arogya Foundation of India Aims to reduce the prevalence of Anemia in Ekal villages.

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  • Poshan Vatika

    Launch Year: 2013 | Stage of Implementation: Adopted as model

    CAPEX: INR 4,000 | OPEX: INR 1,200 (One Time)

    The main objective is to ensure supply of nutrition through organically home grown vegetables and fruits simultaneously ensuring that the soil must also remain healthy.

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Special Projects

  • AVVAI Computer Lab - Karanjo, Jharkhand 
  • AVVAI Computer Lab - Naimisharnya, Uttar Pradesh
  • Improving Teaching Quality in Dharampur, Gujarat
  • Clean-India in Ekal Villages
  • Health and Sanitation in Udaipur, Rajasthan
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