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Basketball Classes 2022

United States
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These classes by Ridhi Kadam focus on basketball techniques, shooting form, and conditioning.

My name is Ridhi Kadam and I'm a fifteen year old girl from Fremont, California. Ever since I was first offered the oppurtunity to discover a severe problem in our world a few years ago through a program called FLL, I've been passionate about helping the unhoused and underprivileged people in my community. I've always been eager to provide as much help as possible when it comes to volunteering and giving back to my community and through Ekal, I know I can achieve this goal.

 Since a young age, I have always loved public speaking, this leading me to join the Speech Club at my high school. By combining my love for teaching and volunteering with my passion for speech, this year during my trip to India, I decided that hosting a Speech and Public Speaking Workshop + a finale Speech Competition would be the perfect way to spread the importance of public speaking skills to the underprivileged children as well as enabling them to continue with the morals taught, spreading these ideals to their friends too.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching children and helping develop their inner potential and basketball classes is a great way to do this. Staying active is extremely important to ensure our health stays in good condition and having fun while playing an energetic and competitive sport is the perfect way to do it! In these basketball classes, we offer exceptional guidance to get children on their school's basketball team next academic year and as well as this, increasing their immunity and stamina with the sport. With my goal to raise at least $500 for Ekal to provide for the underprivileged students in Indian villages, I strive to provide the funds necessary in order to broaden the opportunities for these deserving children that are brimming with potential. I am dedicated to helping the underprivileged children in India and I'd love to put my own volunteered efforts into raising this money. My goal for this entire project is to be able to fund at least 1 school, preferable in my home town of Maharastra [near Pune], and I would really enjoy connecting to the students on a personal level, being able to conversationally chat with them and check up on their thoughts and ideas.


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Help make it happen

Your contribution will go a long way in bringing smiles to children across rural and tribal India.
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