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Have You Asked ?

A Life Enhancing Guide - From the Doctor of Simple Thinking 

"I am not writing this book to make money. In fact, 100% of any profits/royalties will be donated to charity. The greatest happiness for me would be for my readers to find this book helpful and make their life better!" - Doctor of Simple Thinking

Please make a donation to Ekal Vidyalaya. 

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With 100% focus, you can be the best you can be at what you are doing.

How much should I donate?  

It costs just $365 to support one school for 30 children for a whole year !

About the Book

The sole intent for writing this book is to provide you with the tools and life skills to equip you with the ability to embrace change and live a life without “fear of the unknown,” while developing “super-focusing skills” and gaining knowledge by using the “power of asking” to overcome all of life’s challenges.

The book is guarenteed to sharpen your life skills and help you overcome challenges.

About the Author:

Uday Lele is an innovative, driven and self-made man.  He has created successful businesses in eight industries and on 4 continents, every one as a start-up.

HIS PHILOSOPHY: To create products or services distinctly unique from anything else out there in the market place and which are perceived to be distinctly unique by the customer.  This unique product or service transcends from being a want to a need or perceived need by humanity, leading to an improvement in the quality of life resulting in a very profitable enterprise and the creation of new wealth!




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