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Stop The Third Wave

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Help Ekal villages tide over the Pandemic! Situation is dire!

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in rural India. Support Ekal's efforts to promote vaccinations in Rural India and provide medical services to the people who need them most.

Preventing a Third Wave
by providing
Telemedicine Services and Promoting Vaccination
10 Million People Living in Remote Rural Villages in India
(Beyond Covid - A Sound Investment in Rural Community Health)

Our Campaign

We have launched a $10 Million "Stop the Third Wave" campaign targeting 20,000 Villages. We are launching a "Telemedicine Life Line" in each of the 20,000 villages. In addition we will provide basic medical kits to all those affected by Covid in these villages.

What is a Telemedicine Life Line?

The advent of telemedicine provides a unique opportunity to connect villagers in rural areas to a doctor in a different location. Local community health workers who are typically women are provided with a "Telemedicine Enabled Smartphone" along with diagnostic tools, to triage and connect patients to doctors using the Intelehealth Telemedicine platform

Trained Local women serve as Arogya Sevikas or Community Healthcare Workers. They

  • Triage the condition of the patient
  • Gather health information and vitals
  • Connect the patient to a doctor
  • Help procure & provide medication as needed

Each Arogya Sevika is equipped with

  • Oximeter, Thermometer, BP Monitor, Weighing Machine, Glucometer and Hemoglobin Test Kit
  • Telemedicine Enabled Smartphone
  • Medicines to provide symptomatic relief

Vaccination - Key to Stopping the Third Wave

Vaccinating the villagers is key to preventing a third wave of Covid from impacting the villages. In order to combat vaccine misinformation and hesitancy, we will use every possible means from low tech to high tech such as wall paintings, bill-board signs and SMS messages to reach all segments of the village population and promote vaccination. .Ekal's approach to vaccination is as follows:

  • Our Arogya Sevikas are themselves vaccinated and are trained to serve as ambassadors for vaccinations in the villages
  • Aggressively promote vaccination via wall writing, billboard signs and SMS messages promoting vaccination
  • Working with the government, Ekal will ensure that vaccines are made available to the villagers

Benefits Beyond Covid - Bringing Healthcare to the Last Mile

  • Once trained on telemedicine the community health workers - Arogya Sevikas will form the last mile deliverers of health care for the villagers. They will work beyond Covid on general health, hygiene and vaccination issues in the community.
  • The telemedicine and health care kits (thermometers etc) will be used beyond Covid.
  • Through their work on Covid they would have earned the trust of the community and we will utilize and develop this trust for future health care in villages.

Cost - $500 per village

The cost of providing the Telemedicine Life Line in Each village is $500

We ask for your generous support to help us reach our 10 Million goal.

Provision of Telemedicine Life Line in One Village includes

  1. Diagnostic Tools [Oximeter, Thermometer, Vital Testing Tools [Glucometer, BP Monitor, Hemoglobinometer, Weighing Scale]]
  2. Smart Phone with Telemedicine App & Data Charges


[If you are donating via Fidelity or IRA accounts, we request you to submit complete information including mailing address, email address and contact number so that we can acknowledge your contributions accurately]

Together we shall overcome!

"Hum Honge Kamyab Because I Love My India" - A'niche Ekal Rap

Please do give generously! If we all do our best we will soon overcome the crisis situation and save innumerable lives.


Campaign by

Ranjani Saigal

$1,015,142 USD

Raised of $10,000,000 Goal

Campaign started: April 26, 2021
Campaign closed: April 30, 2022 (11:59 pm PST)



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