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"Just $1 a day keeps illiteracy away" - from a child to a child, helping to eradicate illiteracy

About Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation

Ekal Vidyalaya is a Movement involved in the integrated & holistic development of rural & tribal India. The main activity undertaken in this movement is to run one-teacher schools [known as Ekal Vidyalayas] all over India, in the remotest rural & tribal villages to take the education to every child. The Ekal movement aims to help eradicate illiteracy from rural and tribal India following the philosophy of rural development based on the criteria of equality & inclusiveness across all the sections of the society.


About us 

We are a group of volunteers working in the Silicon Valley Bay Area Chapter, California. Recently we successfully hosted a fund-raising event which raised funds for well over 350 schools!!  $365 funds 1-school, 1-Teacher for 30-children for 1-full year! 

Taking inspiration from "$1 a day keeps illiteracy away" we would like to present this platform for children in the Silicon Valley Bay Area to help children in another part of the world, gain literacy and other skills.

How you can help and make impact

  • Take up the cause either by yourself or with a group of your friends. E.g. $1 a day can be raised by you and your 3 other friends by simply contributing 25 cents a day, that's a Quarter a day! We will help you stay on track!
  • Participate in Ekal activities as a volunteer and bring along your friends. Get service hours.
  • If you happen to visit India, do consider visiting one of the schools near your place to see your contributions making huge impact on other children

Other Ways You Can Help

  • We understand that you wish to help but for some reason cannot at the moment. No problem. You can help by being a volunteer, help spread the campaign and it's message to your other friends. More importantly, stay connected to the cause. 

That's all!


Campaign by

Silicon Valley Bay Area Chapter Kids For Ekal

$628 USD

Raised of $55,000 Goal

Campaign started: June 01, 2018
Campaign closed: December 31, 2019 (11:59 pm PST)

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