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" A dollar a day keeps illiteracy away!" -Ekal

About EKAL: 

Ekal Vidyalaya is a Movement involved in the integrated & holistic development of rural & tribal India. The main activity undertaken in this movement is to run one-teacher schools [known as Ekal Vidyalayas] all over India, in the remotest rural & tribal villages to take the education to every child. The overriding philosophy of Ekal Vidyalaya Movement is to take a holistic approach to social and economic development to Tribal & Rural India that is Bharat. With the participation of numerous trusts and non-profit organizations, this movement has become the largest grassroots level non-governmental education & development movement that operates in the remote villages of India. The Ekal movement aims to help eradicate illiteracy from rural and tribal India following the philosophy of rural development based on the criteria of equality & inclusiveness across all the sections of the society.



We have been a small part of Ekal for the past few years and it’s amazing to see the contributions all the parents have brought to the organization.

The enthusiasm, success, and resulting difference in the world that Ekal has made for several years prompted us to start thinking about a branch of this organization for kids, and how we can spread the movement amongst the youth.

After discussing the plan with our CT-chapter adult volunteers and support from our parents, the Ekal Kids Club CT was born.

The purpose of this club is to spread awareness regarding Ekal along with raising money for the organization.

Ekal Kid Volunteers in Norwalk, CT, had organized a sale with a wide variety of cookies, brownies, banana bread and more. We sold the goodies for a whopping sum of around $800 at two different locations in two days.  

We also distributed Ekal pamphlets, information sheets, and some kids even convinced the customers in attending the upcoming musical event. Besides the bake sales, we have also done online fundraising and presentations regarding Ekal at their schools.

The combined effort of the club resulted in sponsoring 5 schools in 2016  @ 365  for one school.

Our goal is to raise money for 10 schools in 2017. Please see below how to help us reach this goal.  

We are confident that together we can make a difference!

Best regards,

Ekal Kids Club CT 

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Ways to help: 

Donate on this page

Come to the Ekal concert on April 28 at 5:30 pm in Rogers International School [202 Blachley Road Stamford CT]

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Upcoming Bake Sale Dates:
March 31 - April 1 @ Patel Brothers
April 14 - April 15 @ Patel Brothers
April 22nd @ Stop & Shop 

Campaign by

Ekal Ct Kids Club

$4,560 USD


Campaign started: March 28, 2018
Campaign closed: December 31, 2018 (11:59 pm PST)



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Wilton, CT



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