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A fundraiser for educational books.

Hello there! 

You, as an educated person, understand the power of books. The influence they have on a person's mind. Books were, are and will always be the greatest learning source out there. No one can undermine the importance of good quality books in the pathway to a person's growth and education. 

According to the Right to Education [RTE] Act 2009, every child in a primary school should receive textbooks on time i.e. at the beginning of the academic year. Sadly, the reality is far from what the Act stipulates. Most children do not receive school books at all. The ones who do, do not necessarily get all the books and rarely do they get these at the beginning of the academic year. 

The annual RTE Forum survey for 2014-15 in 457 schools across 10 states showed that textbooks were not available in 50% of the surveyed schools, especially in the rural areas. 

The funds collected from this donation campaign will be a concrete source to advance and support Ekal Vidyalaya schools. Every $365 collected shall be used to help sponsor one school for one year. Students will get access to quality material which will go a long way in shaping their intellect.

You, as an individual, can ensure that an underprivileged child does not miss out on the joy of reading.

This campaign is my first one and very special to me because books have played a major part in my life and I wish to impact the lives of other children as well through this fundraiser.

Thank you so much in advance and may God always be with you!


More about Ekal: Ekal is an organization that has served nearly 3 million children over 100,000 across very rural parts of India. They can run the schools at a low cost of about $1 a day. In addition to running schools, they also work on digital literacy, health and skill training in the villages. Ekal was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize by the government of India, one of the highest awards are given by the government of India to NPOs.  - See more at:



Campaign by

Anish Sanghi

$365 USD

Raised of $1,000 Goal

Campaign started: August 06, 2021
Campaign closed: October 31, 2021 (11:59 pm PST)



Shrewsbury, MA


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