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Your contribution will go a long way in bringing smiles to children across rural and tribal India.



Mindfulness and Mental Health Awareness

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Learn about mindfulness and how to practice it!

What is it? Our mindfulness and mental health awareness workshop is an introduction into mindfulness. The students will learn what mindfulness is and how to practice it. They will learn about the stigmas of mental health along with how to improve their mental health. They will practice interactive mindfulness exercises. Our workshop is an interactive and safe place to discuss these topics. It is a great place for students to open up and have someone to talk to about these avoided topics. 

Why is it important? Practicing mindfulness can decrease anxiety, stress and depression. It helps you focus on the present and live in the moment. Learning how to practice mindfulness can benefit you in any area of your life. 

What is offered?

Day 1- An introduction into what mindfulness is and the benefits of practicing it. We will talk about mental health and the stigmas of it. The students will be able to ask questions/talk to us about any of these topics without judgement. 

Day 2- Students will learn about various mindfulness activities. We will do demonstrations of mindfulness exercises and the students will get a chance to practice the exercises. Some activities include breathing techniques, positive affirmations and inspection exercises. 

Age Requirement: 12+, Our workshop is geared to people 12 and up. We do not have limited capacity, so anyone over 12 is welcome. 

Who are we? Neha and Aarushi are high school sophomores. They love to help people and teach others about mindfulness and the positive aspects of it. Mindfulness has been a big part of their life, especially since the pandemic. We also want to spread more awareness about mental health.

Why do I have to pay $20?: The fee of $20 will 100% go towards Ekal Vidyalaya, a non-profit organization, which funds schools in India for underprivileged children. You will be a part of their mission to bring basic education to all children across rural India. You will also learn more about mindfulness and mental health which can help you in all aspects of your life.

Other ways you can help: Spread the word! Tell your family and friends about this campaign.


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Help make it happen

Your contribution will go a long way in bringing smiles to children across rural and tribal India.
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