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Python Programming Class

United States


Will teach middle school students with little to no programming experience python and animation.

Through the Ekal Club at Wilton High School in Connecticut, we are proudly starting our own education initiative to help fund our collective initiative with Ekal in India and Nepal. Our club here in Connecticut will be running a series of programs and classes in the final weeks of this summer, to foster a great learning environment and prepare students for topics that will be very important in the coming years of their educational journeys.

Our main goal here in CT this year is to raise awareness for Ekal in any way we can, and our campaign this year is a creative and fun way for students to not only learn more about programming and other topics but also Ekal itself and its mission. My goal for this campaign is to raise funds to sponsor 1-2 schools this summer. Hopefully, we can surpass our fundraising goal!

This Python Programming course is geared towards Middle and High school students who will learn basic and advanced programming concepts based on introductory programming courses at established universities. It will be a fast-paced 1 week course, where students, by the end of the course, will be able to:

  • Write clear, robust, and efficient code in Python using:
    • sequential, conditional, and loop statements
    • strings, lists, tuples
    • graphics and interaction
  • Develop programs to effectively solve medium-sized tasks by:
    • employing modular, top-down design in program construction
    • demonstrating an effective programming style based on established standards, practices, and guidelines
    • proactively creating and writing test cases to test and debug code

Classes will be held from August 16th - 20th

Timings: TBD but we will meet 1 or 2 times a day depending on students understanding of the material.

Note: There will be homework and assignments due every day!

To sign up: please donate $50 to this DIY campaign and email me, Rishabh Bhandari, at with your contact information.


Campaign by

Rishabh Bhandari

$0 USD

Raised of $400 Goal

Campaign started: July 23, 2021
Campaign closed: September 21, 2021 (11:59 pm PST)

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