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Jeyasakthi Kannan Bharathanatyam Ekal Fundraiser

I thank you so much for visiting my campaign. 

I am Jeyasakthi Kannan learning dance for just over a decade. I am super thrilled to start the next chapter in my dancing journey after completing my Arangetram on August 18th, 2019 at Littleton High School, MA. Myself, my family and friends are very excited to be at this stage because it gives an opportunity to conduct an Ekal fundraiser. Ekal and similar primary educational organizations are so important to this world as it makes the schools reachable to students in remote parts of the world. I chose to fundraise for Ekal out of many great organizations because of the impact it makes in one of the most populous countries in this world. Please look at one of the Ekal success stories []. You can also view this success story in directly. 

Your donations make a huge impact on how many students enroll and how many students keep enrolled year after year. A reachable school with just enough funds to support a meaningful number of students helps keep the community strong and together. A strong community not only support each other, but support other communities as well. 

Your donations help a student stays within the village to get an education.

Your donations help a school meet its student supplies.

Your donations help a student with necessary textbooks.

Your donations help a school keep its infrastructure safe.

Your donations help a student support himself with basic elementary education.

Your donations help a student influenced from within to pursue higher education. 

In this process, over a period of time, Your donations help a community get out of poverty.

In order to support a single school for an entire year, all we need is 365 US dollars. Though the amount is not huge, the impact is meaningful to the community and yourself.

I hope you make my campaign reach its goal. Thank you so much!!!

Campaign by

Vasantha Kannan

$1,150 USD

Raised of $3,650 Goal

Campaign started: August 11, 2019
Campaign closed: September 10, 2019 (11:59 pm PST)



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