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Satish Nagrik - Memorial Contribution

United States


In Honor and Generosity of Satish M. Nagrik: Nov. 4, 1938 - Feb. 27, 2021

Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you have inqured as to where you can send flowers or dontations on behalf of and [or] in HONOR of Satish.  We had Humbly requested that instead of flowers - please make a donation in Honor of Satish to Ekal Organization which provides schooling across rural India. Satish was Deeply committed to providing education to his family, extended family and now for many years Satish and his surviving wife Anila have been contributing to Ekal, making a difference in so many childrens lives.

Beloved Satish M. Nagrik – A Loving Husband, an Amazing Father & Grandfather, and the most loyal friend one could have will be remembered as a man who made such a significant impact on people's lives, that he left a Permanent Imprint on Everyone’s Heart! Born and Raised in beautiful Zanzibar, East Africa, he then traveled and moved to Bombay, India for College, where he met his long-time friend and surviving wife Anila; and together they immigrated to the USA in 1972 and built a rewarding life for themselves and their children.

The one thing that all Friends and Family have shared about Satish is his Fun-Loving, Humor filled personality! Everywhere he went – didn’t matter whether a young child or a respected Elder, he found a way to CONNECT with that person at their level and simply left a trail of laughter and joy, which as mentioned, left an Imprint on their heart - whether it is a Father figure at so many weddings or  Being a PILLAR of Strength & Generosity in helping many Family members on both sides of the family get settled in the USA, and Helping so many more; he will be cherished and remembered FOREVER !!

Generosity is what Satish was known for, and Dad we will carry the Torch forward !!!

It is our Intention that you will JOIN US in donating and contributing to Ekal's cause in Loving Respect for Satish and carry on his commitment to educating children.

We Thank You in Advance for Informing Friends and Family of this Mission.

~Lovingly ---  Submitted by the Nagrik Family~


More about Ekal: Ekal is an organization that has served nearly 3 million children over 100,000 across very rural parts of India. They are able to run the schools at a low cost of about $1 a day. In addition to running schools they also work on digital literacy, health and skill training in the villages. Ekal was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize by the government of India, one the highest awards given by the government of India to NPOs. 



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