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Slowing COVID-19 in India

  • Image: A group of doctors tending to a COVID-19 patient.
  • Image: A graph showing India's daily COVID-19 death count.
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The COVID-19 situation in India is becoming very alarming. Join me in slowing down the pandemic.

3,293. The number of Indians that have died from the coronavirus just on April 27th, 2021. Over 201,000 deaths have been recorded in the nation since March of 2020, but, since then, the numbers have been relatively low[under 1,000 per day]. It was only two months ago, on March 5th, that the death numbers were around 100. An oxygen shortage has taken over Indian hospitals, and thousands of patients are dying daily without the oxygen they need to survive and we must help.

This is where the role of the youth steps in. My name is Arnav Enaganti, and I am a junior in high school from Detroit, Michigan. In the past, I have fundraised for Ekal, and volunteering for the organization has been a great experience for me. I want to raise money to support COVID relief in India, as this new wave is deadly and we can help save hundreds or thousands of lives before the situation gets severe.

The funds raised will be used for oxygen concentrators, personal protection equipment[PPE], and hospital beds. Your donations can save many lives in the next few weeks and can support the hospitals/patients long-term. However, a growing issue in India is that many hospitals are at full capacity. To combat this, a smaller portion of the money will be raised to teach citizens COVID-19 protocols to protect themselves from the virus. Trainers will be appointed in Ekal villages, to inform the citizens and to protect them from this deadly virus. Please consider donating to our cause. Your donation will positively impact hundreds if not thousands of lives. If making a donation isn't possible, consider spreading the word to let others know about the magnitude of the situation.

Thank you for reading this message. We hope you support our campaign. Jai Hind!


Campaign by

Arnav Enaganti

$2,534 USD

Raised of $6,000 Goal

Campaign started: April 30, 2021
Campaign closed: January 26, 2022 (11:59 pm PST)



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