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Spanish for Beginners

United States
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2 fluent Spanish speakers teaching the basics of Spanish to build a strong foundation!

[Dates: Jan 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21 from 7:00-9:30 PM EDT, 1 ½ hours per day for 8 days [Monday - Thursday]] 

Target audience:  Ages 10-65+. If we have enough students of distinct age groups like younger students, older teenagers, adults, etc., we will split into different classes at the same timing with each group having their own teacher. We also have other fluent Spanish speakers who are excited to help teach this course who will join if we need more tutors to keep up with the demand. *There is no limit to the number of students who can register. We will make sure each class with a tutor is a good size so we can maximize learning.

Meet your teachers: Hi potential Spanish masters! I'm Meera Kochhar, a senior at Lake Mary High School in Orlando, FL. I've learned Spanish for the past 6 years; take college level courses in Spanish language, literature, and culture; and am almost as fluent as a native-born Spanish speaker as I can sustain long conversations with anyone and can read novels in Spanish. My friend Dariel Gonzalez Garcia, a native Spanish speaker who lives in Puerto Rico [but previously lived in the U.S.], will also teach you guys to maximize your learning!

What is offered: Through this campaign, we will teach you Spanish from the beginner level - including essential vocab and grammar. We will have different activities that practice speaking, reading, and writing. We will cover vocab [people, places, things, activities, food] and up to the verbs "to be" in Spanish as well as conjugations for regular verbs in the present tense. By learning Spanish from us, you can also change the lives of children in rural India by providing them the gift of education.

Personal benefits of this course: With this course, you will be able to form at least basic sentences in Spanish to build a strong foundation in this language that is unofficially the U.S.'s second language. Speaking this second language not only grants a lot of career opportunities and higher salaries for your skills, you can connect with far more people. Learning another language also enhances your memory and cognitive capacity which makes you a faster thinker and fights off disease like Alzheimer's.

Impact: Every cent of the $50 you donate for this course will fund schools in rural India. $1 funds a school in rural India for 1 day. So, your donation funds a school that educates 30 children for 50 days! Till date, Ekal Vidyala Foundation of USA is a 501 [c][3] nonprofit organization that has educated 18,920,674 girls and 13,940,173 boys in 102,753. With your contribution, we can keep the impact growing! This education will benefit far more than just 1 child since one person's knowledge can help and inspire several others. Your small contribution as you learn Spanish can reap benefits for generations!

Other ways you can help: You can also contribute to this campaign by communicating with your friends and family about this campaign!


Campaign by

Meera Kochhar

$50 USD

7 days left

Campaign started: December 25, 2020
Campaign closes: January 24, 2021 (11:59 pm PST)




Ocala, FL



Help make it happen

Your contribution will go a long way in bringing smiles to children across rural and tribal India.
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