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Ekal Arogya Medical Externship 2020

Ekal Arogya Medical Externship 2020-2021

The vastness of rural India provides many opportunities to learn and fathom innumerable medical conditions & lifestyle analysis opportunities, including the atmospheric, economic and cultural impacts on the health. HFRI has successfully completed four years of "Medical Externship", by taking pre­medical and medical students from various colleges across the United States to India, exposing them to Indian medical system, common tropical and infectious diseases, village health, exposure to Yoga and its impact on physical, mental and medical diseases, cultural exposure and spiritual uplifting. These trips have been very rewarding and fabulous experiences for both students and organizers.

Ekal Arogya's Pre-Medical, and Medical Externship 2020-2021 program is now open for applications.

Application Timeline
Application Opens --- 1 June 2020 --- Click here to download the application form
Application Deadline --- 15 September 2020 --- Email completed applications to Shri Mohan Daptardar
Acceptance Letters --- End of September 2020
Payment (in full) and liability waiver form --- First week of October 2020
Communication 1 --- Instructional letter --- October 2020
Communication 2 --- Daily Program and flight itinerary --- by end of Oct/Nov 2020
Communication 3 --- Final instructions --- November 2020


Download Ekal Arogya's Pre-Medical, and Medical Externship 2020-2021 Application Form  


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