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About the Class

This trial class is an introduction to a larger session that will begin in September. During this Zoom class, we will teach students about the basics of entrepreneurship, while also showcasing successful projects that past students have pursued. This class will give students an idea about the full session that we have to offer. We would also like parents to attend for the first 10 minutes and the final 5 minutes, so we can further discuss the more in-depth program. 

Young Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow is a 12-week program that teaches students about how to create their own business. In each Zoom class, the lesson plan will be taught for the first 15 minutes. For the other 45 minutes, students will be divided into teams and work together to implement the lesson to grow their business. The lesson plan consists of problem-solving, brainstorming, marketing, developing a prototype, identifying marketing strategies, and creating a pitch deck. After 10 weeks of lessons and preparation, students will pitch their idea in two separate rounds. The first round is local, where one team will be selected from each class. The second round is final, where the three teams with the best ideas will be awarded prizes and awards. If you’d like to learn more or hear testimonials, please feel free to send an email to

About the teachers

Mehar Poreddy is a 12th grader at Lawrence Academy who has been pursuing business and entrepreneurship for several years. He founded OnTrack, a productivity tool for other students, at an incubator called Leangap in 2019. After winning first place at a pitch contest featuring well-established venture capitalist judges, OnTrack amassed 1000+ downloads while winning and placing in several other competitions. These include the Diamond Challenge (state-winner), Founders Live (winner), and SparkTeen (semi-finalist), where over $10,000 of funding was secured. With this experience and passion for entrepreneurship, he is now looking to teach younger kids about this essential skill. 

Bharath Ramesh is a 12th grader at Westford Academy. He has had an interest and passion in Entrepreneurship for a few years, starting with his participation in his school’s Entrepreneurship Club in 9th grade. He was part of a team in MIT’s InvenTeams that made the second round. In 2019, he created CrashPoint, a product aimed at reducing undiagnosed concussions, and won 1st place at the Tie Young Entrepreneurs District Competition and made the final round at the Global competition, winning $5,000 in funding. Bharath also has a passion for teaching. He has worked for both Codeex and CodeWiz, teaching python to kids around the ages of 4th to 6th grade. Bharath combined both these passions into one and founded Young Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow along with Mehar Poreddy and Roshan Palakkal to teach entrepreneurship to elementary school-aged kids. 

Roshan Palakkal is a 12th grader at Groton School. He has been interested in technology and entrepreneurship since starting his own business selling 3D printed fidget spinners. Since then he has used his technical expertise to work on other entrepreneurial ideas, receiving second place at HackNEHS for a food waste prevention app. During the COVID Global Hackathon, he created a food bank tracking app and partnered with national food banks like Hunger Free America. Most recently, Roshan helped start and run Hackclub Summer of Making, a hardware grant program which received $50, 000 from GitHub and participants from over 30 countries. When he is not programming or coming up with his next business idea, you can find him rowing or playing music.

The Event

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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