Kamala - A Fundraiser Play for Ekal



Kamala is a bold and classic play by Vijay Tendulkar based on a true story. The play brings to the fore tribal slave trade and male chauvinism, both of which are issues within our current Indian society. Tendulkar’s Kamala is a fitting tribute to the plights of the underprivileged tribal and rural citizens of India. India’s most prominent playwright effectively blends together urban sophistication and rural simplicity. In that process he convincingly brings attention to the similar forms of oppression that women endure, regardless of their social class.

The fundraising event for Ekal includes folk dances and a skit about gossiping wedding invitees from the rich, middle, and poor/tribal social strata with popular Bollywood songs and dances.

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The Event

Saturday, September 16, 2017
455 Concord Avenue, Belmont, MA Belmont 02478, United States
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