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About the Class

This workshop is a 90 minute Zoom class. During class, we will split the call into 2 breakout rooms: Introductory and Advanced. One room will be for kids who are newer to the topic, while the other will be for kids who have some experience. Sample problems for each level can be found in the sample problems document.

Both sessions will begin with a lecture from the instructors, where many examples will be covered to reinforce the topics. When this is over, the floor will be open to questions, and this will be followed by problems pertaining to the topic to incite discussion. Kids will have access to notes from the class, attached with their problem sets, to refer to as they work. Once the class is over, extra problems will be sent out for those who wish to try more difficult problems. Kathir and Karthik will teach both rooms. The students' levels will be assessed in the first class, but kids are encouraged to try the sample problems and make an informed decision prior to the first lesson.

Click here to view sample problems.

Registration is closed. We have reached full capacity for this workshop. Please look forward to future sessions!

About the Teachers

Kathir Meyyappan is a 10th grader at Westford Academy who has had an interest in math for years now. He has participated in the Mathcounts and AMC 8 and 10 competitions, scoring on the AMC 10 exam in the top 2.5%, to participate in the AIME. Having participated in many math competitions over the years, he hopes to be able to help younger students to be able to excel in math. He also has a passion for teaching, having taught another Ekal Math Workshop in the fall of 2017 to 4th-6th graders for 4 weeks, raising over $5000 in the process to support Ekal schools in tribal and remote villages in India.

Karthik Seetharaman is currently a 10th grader at Shrewsbury High School, MA. He loves mathematics, and he has participated in and been successful in many math competitions. He stood 6th place in MATHCOUNTS States 2018 and 2nd in the Countdown Round. He placed in the top 1% in the 2018 AMC 8, 2019/2020 AMC 10, and 2020 AIME. He is also a USAJMO qualifier. In his free time, he enjoys playing western classical music and dabbling in computer programming.



The Event

Thursday, May 14, 2020 - Sunday, May 24, 2020
Houston TX 77077, United States
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Special Notes

Recommended Donation: $10.

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