A Reach to Teach Virtual Internship Outline 2020

December 20, 2020 - United States

Note: Only 15 students will be selected to encourage people.

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  • Goals - Familiarization with EKAL activities in rural villages, introduction to sustainable farming, tailoring training center, digital literacy training arogya, EKAL schools, and tablet usage.

  • Virtual visit to ekal villages by Zoom daily . Overview and insights into integrated village development (IVD). In depth tour of IVD center at Parasnath and Shikharji Sanch in Jharkhand , India 

  • Provide opportunities for participants to start initiatives catered to specific aspects of village life through interfacing with relevant village team of acharya,  sevika sanch pramukh and IVD manager.

  • Overall, A Reach to Teach Online seeks to provide high school students with a better understanding of EKAL’s contributions to life in rural India and to empower them by interaction and continue support virtually in months ahead in various aspects making impact by connecting youth and young women of villages to achieve self reliance. 


  • December 20th to December 29th 2020

  • Location : Parasnath and Shikhirji sanch IVD in Zarhkhund, India 

  • 3 Groups of up to 5, led by

    • Paranshu Shah

    • Sam Kadaba

    • Ajay Bhargava all past interns in 2019

  • Cost: $250 per intern to make this internship possible by providing 

    • Transportation for acharya and sevika of nearby villages 

    • Mobile purchase and  use with connectivity 

Experienced person to arrange for live streaming daily from 3 places 

  • Standard Tour Meeting Time

    • Daily 90 minutes tour with zoom 

    • First 45 minutes with a village tour on the first day and then project in villager’s homes or special activities like sport in the field or soak pit or wall painting .

    • Next 45 minutes with ekal school interaction with particular aspect 

      • A Reach to Teach Journal will be kept by each intern and can be written in during this time

  • Additional Meeting Time possible daily 
    • Allotted time (based on above schedule) for meeting as large group to discuss both prior to and after visiting certain places
      • 3-4 pm EST, 2-3 pm CST, 12-1 PST
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