Arogya PME (Premedical Externship) is now Virtual

December 01, 2020 - United States

As you may recall, this year’s Annual PME was in the tentative planning stages for December 2020 as mentioned in previous mailings with a final decision to be made by the end of September. Many Ekal youth members have applied and expressed interest to go to India this year once again and Ekal Arogya is appreciative of their interest. Unfortunately, keeping the current COVID-19 situation both in the USA and India, ground realities and uncertainties for international travels and gatherings etc. in mind, it does not seem possible to have in person PME this year in India safely.

Thus, in person PME with travels to India in December 2020 have been cancelled after a very thoughtful consideration. The unusual times are presenting an interesting opportunity. We are planning a PME where interested youth members can have a remarkably similar, beneficial experience without the unnecessary risk of COVID and the expenses of traveling to India. Keeping in mind the interest of many youth members and their innovative thinking, planning, and use of technology with coordination from Arogya and Ekal India, a VIRTUAL PME will be held for 10 days (please see details below) including daily interactive live sessions and virtual tours from India.

The 2020 Ekal Arogya Pre-Med Internship will be done virtually this year from December 20th to December 29th. From home, college interns will connect to villages through Arogya Sevikas and learn how they provide information about hygiene, nutrition, and the prevention of communicable diseases. Interns will learn about the healthcare system in India, social/cultural aspects of healthcare, alternative medicine, anemia eradication, and women's health. Additionally, interns are going to present healthcare graphics to villagers, teach students through activities, virtually visit hospitals, and attend lectures. 

Youth members who are interested are advised to please fill out this google form by October end and contact persons listed in VIRTUAL PME SECTION. We are very sure that they will have an extraordinarily rewarding experience.

Rakesh Gupta, MD, Chairperson Ekal Arogya USA –
Mohan Daptardar, PME coordinator, Ekal USA –
Hasmukh Shah, MD, PME coordinator, Ekal USA –
Tanya Sheth, Ekal PME USA Youth Coordinator–

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