Newsletter February 2023

Dear Ekal Supporter


Best wishes for a healthy, happy, prosperous and fulfilling New Year to you, your families and friends! We also have the auspicious observance of Mahasivaratri on February 18 and may Lord Iswara bless Ekal with great success in 2023!

Just as the light from the Sun removes darkness on earth, only education can remove ignorance - a fact emphasized and re-emphasized so many times in our Vedas. This is also the vision of the founders of Ekal as well as our leaders and statesmen such as Shri Shyam ji Gupt!

This year there has been a change of leadership in Ekal USA and I would like to thank Shri Suresh Iyer who served as President of Ekal USA and Shri Arun Gupta who served as Chairman of Ekal USA Board for their leadership, vision and hard work to bring Ekal USA to this stage! Shri Kamlesh Bhai as the new Chairman of the Ekal USA Board and I as President pledge to continue to work very hard to pursue our mission of education and rural development and women's empowerment. We also take this opportunity to thank Ekal Abhyan leadership team and volunteers for your magnanimity and hard work!

Our shared goal is to work for the education of Ekal children in remote, rural and tribal villages and through our special projects we want to uplift our village brothers and sisters so that they have better economic opportunities and develop self-reliance (atma nirbharta) of their communities and in this process help progress Bharat! I share a tremendous sense of optimism that we will all work together to realize this vision!

Dr Subra Dravida
President, Ekal Foundation USA

Ekal Run by Ekal Yuva

Ekal Yuva, the youth wing of Ekal Friends of Tribals Society organized its Flagship event Ekal Run at Godrej Waterside Kolkata on Sunday, 8th January, 2023 wherein 4000 participants ran for their chosen category of timed run 21km, 10km, 5km and non-timed traditional run of 3km. People of all age groups participated in the run. The mega event was inaugurated by Ms Mary Kom, World Champion Olympian Boxer and was attended by many other celebrities and eminent personalities from different fields. Winners and runners up were awarded with mementos. The event was covered by various media including major newspapers.

Kadams visits GRC, Wada

On 5th January 2023, Smt Parineeta Kadam, her daughter Ms Riddhi Kadam from Californiya and her nephew Shri Omkar Kadam from Mumbai visited GRC Wada. They learned about all the projects running under Wada GRC including EoW.

Inauguration of Jhadol IVD center

Ekal Jwalamukhi Tailoring Center supported by Shri Harban Singla of Atlanta GA.

3 months Master Training of Arogya sevaks in Vapi at the Shroff nursing college.

Vanyatra by Shri Kuldeep Mishra

Namaste Friends

I visited two Ekal Vidyalayas in Malihabad, Lucknow during my India visit from Adelaide on 6th December, 2022. I would like to share my experience visiting Ekal vidalaya.

I live in Adelaide and volunteer for Ekal Foundation Australia. It was indeed a fascinating experience for me. I was impressed by the commitment and dedicated efforts of the Ekal people. The school activities included extra-curricular activities like teaching Indian cultural values and discipline to make them aware of the richness of Indian culture. This makes Ekal Vidayalas very unique in their approach.

Jai Hind!

Kuldeep Mishra
Vice President, Adelaide chapter
Ekal Foundation, Australia

ONGC distributing Utility Kit Bag to its sponsored Ekal Vidyalayas in North East