Newsletter March 2006

Ekal Vanyatras (Ekal Visits)

Ekal Visit by

Sri Sudhir Prabhu:
An excerpt from his comments:

I was particularly attracted to Ekal for a) its unique effort to involve and train leadership from within the tribal/ rural village itself, for the improvement of their own community (Non-Dependency Model) b) Its mission to create conditions to achieve a comprehensive development of the individual - i.e. Social, health, cultural/spiritual and economic, with natural extension of consequences to molding the village, transformation the society and strengthening of the Nation.

I have found this to be indeed the case in the field and have been humbled and moved by the dedication and friendliness of the workers at all levels. I believe that they indeed are the backbone of this movement.

The work being carried out in the field of imparting functional literacy and Sanskriti is impressive. The Ekal is just beginning to realize the far reaching potential of such an organizational set-up now in place. It is yet to most effectively leverage it for maximal effectiveness.

Sri Jyotish Parekh:
Last December I visited Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu.

I visited 3 Ekal Vidyalayas as under:

 S. NO. Villages Teacher Children
 1 Manthoppu Ms. Tamizhselvi 25
 2 Chinnur Ms. Ranjani 30
 3 Periakuppam Ms. M. Varalakshmi 30

I had an opportunity to meet the school teachers and children in all three schools. Seeing the faces of children beaming with confidence was really a memorable experience. All the hard work that all the workers are putt ting in USA definitely bring some long lasting and far reaching positive results. Congratulations to everyone who has put their shoulder behind the cause.

schools & children

Current: Number of Ekal Schools: 16,086 Number of Children: 455,007

Ekal Nite in Australia

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of Australia is going to organize an Ekal Nite with Hasya Kavi Dhamaka - An enchanting evening of Geets and Comedies by two of India's most famous comedians - i. Sri Arun Gemini & ii. Sri Shailesh Lodha.

Samanvai Varga Hyderabad

Samanvaya Varg 2006 was held on 17th-19th February in Bhagyanagar [Hyderabad]. This was the National meet of all the chapters of Ekal Vidyalaya for the coordination with the Anchal Samanvay Prabharis, who are the actual care takers of our schools. Around 700 people of different Chapters, Anchal Kendras, Kshetra Pramukh and Prabharis of all Anchals of India and Nepal attended the meet. It was a grand occasion. In the Meet, Kshetra wise sessions were held and important decisions were taken for the smooth running of the Movement.

In the evenings, cultural programmes were held. On 17th evening, Ekal children and Acharayas of Andhara Pradesh presented their traditional Vanvasi dances, followed by Bhajan Sandhaya by Sri Susheel Bhaveja and Sri Ashok Pandey. On 18th evening, Smt. Shobhana Naidu presented her Dance Bailey on Venkateshwar Bhagwan with her troupe. Though, the Programme was performed in it's regional language, Telugu, however audience were able to understand the whole programme.

EVF Global CEO, Dr. Basant Tariyal along with his wife, Smt. Neelam Tariyal, USA National Coordinators, Sushree Uma Gulani & Sri Chandra Jaiswal along with his wife Smt. Deepa Jaiswal from from Northern California and the President of EVF Canada Sri Ravi Verma along with his wife Smt. Susheela Verma attended the meet. 

Karyakartas were given time to speak their experiences of the field. The presidents of different Chapters reported their workings.

The Naishnantya Varg of Mahila Vibhag was held on February 15 and 16, 2006 at Bhagyanagar. It was decided, that for one year, the Mahila Sangathan Vibhag will be clubbed with Vyavastha Vibhag as the workings of both the Vibhags are interlinked. The Samanvaya Varg of Mahila Vibhag is going to be held on July 15 & 16, 2006 at Bangalore. 

As different communities, donate gifts at different times of the year, so, it was decided to call Makar Sankranti Sangrah as Samman Uphaar Yojna for the Karyakartas.

It was decided that The Sevapatra collection by our children would be known as Phulwari Yojna

Three Power Point Presentations were given in the meet. The first presentation was given by the coordinator of Gram Vikas Yojna, Sri Aniruddha Dindore, which was focused on self dependence. Second was given by the Secretary of EVFI, Sri Ajay Singh. He showed the progress of Ekalvidyalaya Movement globally. Third was shown by Janhita, Ekal vidyalaya chapter of Andhara Pradesh. It showed, both the faces of the country [or the coin], one who is rich and has everything and our vanvasi children who having everything but deprived. The progress in their field and working were presented. 

All India YFS (Youth For Seva) coordinator said that a day which is not far behind will come when it will have trained karyakartas for every field and we will not be hiring people from outside for photography, cultural programmes, handling of microphones and sound systems etc. 

The work of AFI (Arogya Foundation of India) has been appreciated by the village people. Vargas are going on in full swing. 4000 Arogya Sevikas are ready and working in their fields. The first camp of Arogya Yojna Nilgiris was organized from February 9 to 14, 2006 at Jain Resorts Ootty. 31 Girls participated in the camp. 60% participants were from tribal community. 

A Whole time worker, Sri Gangeshwar Giri has written two books named - i. Aao Ganit Seekhen & ii. Aao Padhe Likhen for Ekal Students. 

It was decided 2007 Samanvai Varga will be held in Kolkata.

Kabir - Solo Play - By Sri Shekhar Sen

Friends of Triabls Society is going to organize Solo Musical Play on a Great Saint of India - Kabir on March 05, 2006 (Sunday) at Siri Fort Auditorium, Khel Gaon Road, New Delhi - 110 016. 

Author, Musician, Director and Actor all are Sri Shekhar Sen. 

You are cordially invited to attend that great event.


This Year the festival of Holi is falling on 14th march 2006 and Dhulendi [playing with colors] on 15th march 2006. 

According to the Vedas, their was a king of Asuras called Hirankashyap who was very cruel. He had a sister named Holika. She had a boon that she will not die of fire. Hirankashyap was terrified of Prahlad who was a Gods child and was preaching Narayan Narayan.He wanted to get rid of the child. So he asked his sister to sit in the fire with Prahlad. With Gods grace Holika was burnt to death and the boy was left unhurt. It means victory over evil. So on Phalgun Puranmasi we celebrate Holika dahen by lightning pyres of wood at night.And the very next we play with different colours to celebrate this beautiful occasion. People of all caste celebrate by putting colorful tikkas on each other forehead ,hugging and greeting with 'HOLI HAI'.

New Year Vikram Samvat - 2063 & Starting of Chaitra Navaratra

The Bharatiya New Year 2063 will be dawned on Thursday March 30, 2006. The Vikrami Samvat year 2062 ended on March 29, 2006 and next day the New Year, 2063, ushered on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada or the first day of the moonlit night of the bright fortnight of Chaitra (Chait), popularly known as the First Navaratra (the first day of the nine Auspicious Nights). The Navratras come twice a year, in March- April Vernal Navratras (climaxing with Rama's birthday) and in September - October the autumnal Navratras ending with Dussehra.