COVID-19 threatens to destabilize rural India for years to come.

To prevent the potentially devastating effects of a third wave, we are enthusiastically promoting vaccination, providing much-needed health services, and combating misinformation.

COVID Work Report

During the COVID Pandemic, Ekal worked tirelessly to support the rural remote villages in India. Check out the comprehensive report of our COVID efforts.

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How Ekal is fighting COVID in India's rural villages

Our Impact

Ekal's COVID care services have reached a total of 5 million people in 5,000 rural villages.

  • 6

    COVID Care Centers
    (Ekal Seva Kendras)

  • 12,000

    Diagnostic tools distributed

  • 23

    Telehealth Lifelines

  • 3 million

    Masks distributed

Data as of January 2021

Ekal's COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Promoting Vaccination

Promoting Vaccination

Vaccines have the power to prevent the devastating effects of a third wave.

However, vaccine hesitancy is high amongst the rural population, and the availability of vaccines is limited.

At Ekal, we're working to counter misinformation on vaccine safety and collaborate with the government to vaccinate as many people as possible.

Telehealth Helpline

Telehealth Helpline

Available in 100,000 villages, our telehealth helpline connects people with COVID to triage and medical care.

Doctors are available for remote consultations, and people with severe cases are brought to Ekal's COVID isolation centers. There, they are looked after and brought to hospitals if necessary.

As part of our helpline, Ekal's community health workers also distribute diagnostic equipment like oximeters and digital thermometers., as well as PPE.

Building Healthcare Capacity

Building Healthcare Capacity

Beyond COVID, deploying telemedicine throughout rural India will have long-lasting benefits.

We are building the foundation for a robust health system in rural areas that have never before had viable access to healthcare.

COVID has accelerated the development and implementation of revolutionary approaches that are democratizing healthcare for all.

For $500, protect an entire village from COVID-19

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