Gramothan Resource Centers are high-end facilities that provide skills training and resources to people in villages, with the goal of helping villages become thriving centers of economic activity.

From teaching sustainable farming practices to linking village micro-entrepreneurs to major market opportunities, GRCs promote rural innovation.

Watch: How Gramothan Resource Centers incubate rural micro-entrepreneurs

Our Impact

Data as of January 2021

Operational Planned

Skills Training Courses

Sustainable Farming

Training farmers in organic farming techniques for improved health and harvest outcomes

Tailoring Training

Equipping women with tailoring skills and connecting them to large-scale market opportunities

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Computer Training

Providing youth with advanced computer training for increased employment & entrepreneurship opportunities

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Handicrafts & Carpentry

Teaching skills that villagers can use to start their own businesses

GRANE: Maximizing Value and Creating Micro-Entrepreneurs

Through GRANE, farmers and tailors can sell their products to wide audiences under Ekal's brand, Ekal Upaj.

  • First, entrepreneurs sell their products to the Ekal, which buys them above market price.
  • Next, Ekal creates value-added products, like turmeric powder and black pepper, to sell to mainstream markets.
  • Finally, profits are recycled into the GRC, creating a self-sustaining system.

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