Integrated Village Development (IVD) is a focused effort to help rural villages become prosperous and self-reliant through education, health services, and skills training.

IVD operates in a cluster of 30 villages at a time, concentrating various development projects on a specific geographic region for maximum impact.

Our Impact

Integrated Village Development is currently active in 12 clusters around India.

  • 24


    12 Operational  |  12 Planned
  • 30

    Villages in a cluster

  • 3,60,000

    People impacted

  • $300,000

    Funds integrated development for 30 villages over 5 years.

Data as of April 2021

Operational Planned


Integrated Village Development concentrates multiple education, health, and skills training projects on a particular cluster of villages for sustainable impact that reaches everyone in the community.

Primary Education

Bringing free education to children through single-teacher schools

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Arogya Resource Center

Offering preventative healthcare resources & education

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Poshan Vatika

Helping families grow nutritious family gardens with fruit and vegetable seedlings

Tailoring Training

Empowering rural women through tailoring and entrepreneurship training

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Computer Training

Equipping youth with digital literacy skills for entrepreneurship & employment

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Why Integrated Development?

It really does take a village. From farmers and tailors to children and youth, Ekal believes in partnering with everyone in the community to help the community thrive.

Our integrated approach means sustainable, scalable, long-lasting impact for millions of people living in rural India.

Together, we have the power to create meaningful change.

Support our work to empower rural villages today

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